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A Feminist's Guide to Reddit

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Feminism does not go only one way.

This without is not from a day-fiction trader. But these men are in a vested minority compared to the withdrawal of the optional feminists I, and many other witnesses, have seen: Deal with it.

Deddit of course. So much common sense made my eyes water a little bit. What does a feminist looks like? I would not go that far to say that all Norwegian socccer qualify themselves as feminists. And it is almost a tabou for a woman not to call herself a feminist. Sylvi Listhaug, had to explain herself on national television when being invited on the show Lindmo. But even for Norwegian men, you would need to dig deep so find someone who says publicly they do not want equality of opportunity and pay for men and women. Dads go happily on their paternity leave for 10 weeks or more.

Believe me, it can be much more. And I am pretty sure that if that were to disappear there would be a few demonstrations in the street of people from all genders. Like…the male national football team also called soccer in the US.

Femihist Norwegian male football was not socfer happy that the female team was being paid less than half their salary yes, you read well…less than halfso yesterday they voluntarily accepted to cut lose some of their commercial income for the Norwegian female football team to be paid equally. See here for the story in English and here in Norwegian. The Norwegian Football Association has already been in the media for hiring female referees. That did not go smoothly, as explained in this article where a female referee tells about a game where the men had decided not to have a female referee.

But that did not seem to scare her. Or any other female referee. While attacks on Pao and her departure might not have an effect on the industry as whole, they have further exposed what female leaders in tech deal with on daily basis, Young explained. Yet for some women partaking in this type of dialogue — especially by sharing their personal experience — it can be equivalent to setting off a tripwire that detonates an avalanche of online threats and attacks. Lo and behold, years later I am an outspoken woman and am getting implicit rape threats on Twitter from men in my industry.

I can handle it now. Deal with it. Partly to blame was the shifting narrative. Last week, the narrative was that of Pao as a villain for firing Victoria Taylor.

Soccer Dating a feminist reddit

The comment, to say the least, did not satisfy their members. Do you think that a tenth of this would have happened to her if she worked there? Why do we have to make money off of them? Another heads up: Some of these questions can be adversarial toward feminists, drawing from boring stereotypes about feminists being misandrists or feminism denying statistics. But the plus is that feminists get to tear down all these misconceptions as they respond. This a great starting place for people looking to learn about feminism as well as for feminists seeking a more nuanced understanding of their own movement.

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