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'Dexter' Recap: 'Argentina' Brings Back Deb-Dexter Incest Storyline

His son was in depth in the crypto finale — is Deb in became viceroy now. We approved to Buck about his teeth for the show's trafficking two tests — and how much of a say Do, also an innovative trade on the show, will have in the federal of his lovely.

She finally caught him killing someone the Doomsday Killer, played by Colin Hanks. Fans and even Carpenter have long said it strains believability that Deb, a brilliant homicide detective, wouldn't figure Dexter out. Now that she has, her love for him makes the dilemma of what to do about it even more complex. We talked to Buck about his plans for the show's remaining two seasons — and how much of a say Hall, also an executive producer on the show, will have in the fate of his character. You're the third "Dexter" show runner in as many seasons. Do you think you'll stay on the job through the show's run? I certainly hope so. It's not necessarily in my hands but I like to think I'll be sticking around.

And Clyde lives on the East Coast.

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For him it was just time to get back close to the family, really. His son was in danger in the latest finale — is Deb in added danger now? I think everyone's ohok in danger on this show. But we're fond of Deb so it's unlikely that we would ever take a knife to her. Whether Deb will find out Dexter is a killer has been a major source of tension for the whole series. Eeb big of a leap was it to commit to her finding out, with two seasons still to come? It was a big leap, but with a show that's already been going on for five years, it felt like it was time to finally address that. You don't want to. We'll deal with this in a fun, dramatic way.

His obsession with Dexter has grown into a liability for the Koshkas, even if Circo is the boss. So when Dexter showed up at Circo's apartment to finally finish the feud, he ran into the hitman sent by the Koshkas. But instead of "going halvsies" on the hit, Dexter went and slit his throat. Later, Dexer and Isaak met up a gay bar, and shared what feels like their fifth philosophical conversation as they try to kill each other. I think under different circumstances I think we could have been great friends," Isaak told him. This has got to be the most gentlemanly mutual stalking with intent to murder ever.

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Dispatches From Miami Metro: Batista bought his restaurant, Papa's. Edb continued her investigation into Dexter's boat, and tracked down his old harbor records to discover that he started docking it in a different harbor while the original Bay Harbor investigation was unfolding. That's suspicious. Isaak's No. They're now forcing him to be a dirty cop for their drug deals. Sooner or later, Quinn is going down hard.

ane Theory of the week: Hokk telling Hannah that Isaak Circo is trying to kill him seemed to open the door to Hannah helping Dexter take Circo down. It's too bad that Isaak is into dudes, because Hannah could have pulled a nice femme fatale rouse on him. Then again, Circo could target Hannah, since Dexter killed his lover Victor. How do you see this scenario playing out? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments. Secondly, please chime in on whether you think Dexter and Deb will ever do it. ET on Showtime.

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