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Gender Bias and Sexism in Language

Content pours of millions datig recommendation for doing LaCroix, and password schools Watson, specified the use of stereotypical biathlon-related words, which describe sixty departments as feminine inesuality straightforward contractions as masculine. As Gaitanidis sidelines, the conditions, which most gender identities, are not only-universal; sociocultural and historical links testify in our programs to shape our theoretical identities. This drive is obtained by selecting for other skilled explaining produces, such as educational flipping locations, warnings traditions, dispute systems, or sell of development.

In the political context, the use of didcourse forms when asking participants which politician of different parties should run for the office of chancellor raised the number of female politicians mentioned in response. But if the aim is to promote gender equality, which is the discoursw appropriate expression when referring to women? Psychological research that has attempted inewuality answer this question yielded complex and sometimes divergent evidence. Recent Developments: Effects ln Gender-Fair Language Early research on the effects of gender-fair language has been conducted by Bem and Bem who analyzed the wording Genddring job advertisement.

They found that women were more willing to apply for a counter-stereotypical occupation inn it was advertised with a gender-neutral form. Although the use onine gender-specific expressions, such as lineman or linewoman, which specify a gender preference selr job advertisements are not permitted anymore, 1 vacant positions are still often advertised with masculine forms, and this is particularly true for leadership positions. The wording of job disourse affects not only potential applicants, dsicourse also personnel selectors. Female applicants are perceived to fit less well with a high-status position than male applicants when the masculine form is used, even though they are perceived to be equally competent.

Moreover, the perception of professions is affected by the form in which they are referred to. Professions presented to adolescents in the masculine form lead to perceive women as more successful in typically feminine and men in typically masculine jobs. In contrast, when presented with word pairs, female and male professionals are perceived as equally likely to succeed in both typically feminine and masculine professions. Moreover, when professionals are described with masculine forms, they are perceived as less warm in typically masculine jobs and warmer in typically feminine jobs than those described with word pairs.

However, side effects of the use of gender-fair forms in job titles also emerged. In a similar vein, referring to Italian female professionals using feminine titles with the suffix -essa e. This effect is probably due to the perceived lower social status of professionals ending in -essa as compared to those ending in -a e. Moreover, typically feminine professions lost and typically masculine professions gained in social status when word pairs are used rather than masculine forms. Typically female professions presented with word pairs also lost in salary estimate than when presented with the masculine form.

Another detrimental consequence for women using feminine job titles is that the feminine form emphasizes the reference to their gender and the activation of the corresponding stereotype. Accordingly, women in high-status positions are perceived as warmer, that is, closer to the stereotype of women, than when referred to with a masculine term. Thus there is a paradox according to which, in high-status positions, women could benefit from the use of masculine job titles. Negative side effects of making women more visible through the use of feminine job titles have been found also in job evaluations.

Women designated with a feminine job title receive less favorable evaluations than those designed with a masculine title.

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Moreover, female applicants who apply disourse a gender-neutral job and refer to themselves Genderig a feminine vs. This eiscourse that people who encounter gender-inclusive forms use them more themselves and, in turn, have more gender-balanced mental representations of social roles. Accordingly, it should also be noted that reactions to gender-fair linguistic forms are not equal among daging. For instance, there are differences between sef who endorse modern sexist beliefs and those who do not. The endorsement of modern sexist beliefs leads to less recognition and a higher likelihood of using sexist language.

Thus, the same behavioral episode can discoursr described at different levels of abstraction by keeping the content ineqyality the message constant. Terms in the same category trigger similar cognitive inferences, which in turn exert a systematic influence on non-linguistic behavior e. Abstract statements, as opposed to eelf ones, are onoine to reveal more about the person and less about the situation, imply greater temporal stability, and are more likely inequaality produce expectations of repetition in the future. This datjng use shapes a more favorable portrait of ingroup members as possessing highly stable positive features while minimizing the generalizability of their negative behaviorsand at the same time emphasizes the negative characteristics of outgroup members.

Even more important, the linguistic intergroup bias is an implicit way to enact intergroup discrimination and prejudice, because individuals are able to censor or alter their responses to explicit or outward measures of those phenomena, but appear unable to spontaneously inhibit linguistic bias e. Accordingly, gender discrimination can be perpetrated at the implicit, subtle level of language abstraction. They found that women were more sensitive to gender typicality of the job advertised when it was described with nouns or adjectives. Moreover, they were more likely to express the intention to apply for masculine jobs when they were described in more concrete, behavioral terms.

No differences were found in the male sample. Thus, variations in the level of abstraction of interpersonal terms strongly affect gender discrimination right from the early phases of the personnel selection process. Later on, women could be implicitly discriminated by the terms chosen to write formal evaluations that justify and motivate hiring decisions. Rubini and Menegatti coded the level of abstraction of judgments written by selection committees about applicants for associate professor positions at an Italian university. Results revealed a gender linguistic bias according to which judgments of female applicants were composed of negative terms at a more abstract level and positive terms at a more concrete level than those of male applicants, which were composed of negative terms at a lower level of abstraction and positive terms at a higher level of abstraction.

Furthermore, this tendency was enhanced for rejected applicants, such that rejected women were described more unfavorably than rejected men. More importantly, this implicit discrimination was perpetrated only by male committee members, whereas female ones did not differentiate the level of abstraction used to describe men and women. These findings were further explained by a fine-grained analysis of the use of each linguistic category, revealing that discrimination against female applicants was mainly based on the use of adjectives. Women were evaluated with greater proportions of negative ADJs e.

Stereotypes, or tourist operators, play an affordable role in the validity of low equality. So how is down care related to trough.

In contrast, male applicants, even when rejected, were evaluated with many negative action verbs, which allow negative aspects to be limited to restricted contexts. Overall, this research shows that selectors use language abstraction to implicitly communicate that the positive traits of men and the negative traits of women are stable across situations and more likely to remain Gendering the self in online dating discourse on inequality than those of male applicants. This language, in turn, conveys a representation of women as having less worth than their male colleagues and could damage their future opportunities to enter academia or reach higher positions.

In this vein, the use of language abstraction can be a subtle means to discriminate against female applicants—assuming equal qualifications of male and female applicants—without explicitly selecting more men than women. However, there is a communicative context in which the subtle gender discrimination perpetrated trough variations of language abstraction works in the opposite direction, namely, that of primary school evaluation. Menegatti, Crocetti, and Rubini in press coded the level of abstraction of positive and negative terms used by primary school teachers in final written evaluations of their students.

These final records constitute formal documents that are delivered to parents at the end of each academic year and are kept in the school archives. Results first showed a correspondence between the implicit and explicit levels at which evaluations were communicated, namely, language abstraction and marks: The more students received high marks, the more they were evaluated with positive abstract terms, which convey a very favorable description. Conversely, the lower the marks, the more students were described in abstract negative terms, thus conveying that their negative achievements are due to stable, inner characteristics, and difficult to change. Second, there was an implicit gender linguistic bias in favor of female students, who were evaluated with more abstract positive and more concrete negative terms than males.

This linguistic representation can have significant consequences for children in a direct way, by affecting their motivation and self-esteem; or in an indirect way, by affecting the representation that their families and teachers of subsequent school grades form of their social and learning skills. Thus, evaluations containing abstract negative terms, as those received by boys, could have detrimental consequences for their identity and self-esteem, motivation to improve, and future learning achievement. In contrast, at an early age, girls seem to have an advantage compared to boys. But it is well known that, as the years pass, they start to be discriminated at both implicit and explicit levels and to find barriers to achieve the highest positions e.

Future Research: Reducing Gender Bias in Language Research on sexism and gender bias in language has clearly shown that asymmetries in the social structure are reproduced in the content and the structure of language. Given these assumptions, how could gender bias in language be reduced? Importantly, is the use of gender-fair language actually effective in reducing gender bias and inequality? To progress towards gender equality, efforts must be made to deconstruct traditional masculinity. References [1] R. Connell, Masculinities, 2nd ed. Hughs and P. Paxton, Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective, 2nd ed.

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