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The two presenters come from quite different backgrounds. Bivek, born in Sating district of eastern Nepal, comes from an indigenous ethnic group, while Sujita is from the Madheshi community, from the plains of Tarai.

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The tone of the show is informal and guests freely talk about personal as well as professional onllne. And that means boosting confidence while allowing young people to talk about their issues and increase understanding about politics," adds Eawal. When both presenter and the guest are young, it makes a difference. Instead of just talking politics and parties, the young people need an explanation and chances to interact with leaders," says Anita Adhikari, a student, who has been a regular viewer and has posted questions to the show. But Taja Sawal is entertaining and educational as well, which is why it draws someone like me to it," she adds.

The latest Facebook Live currently hasviews, more than doubling the online audience of the first programme. The six Taja Sawal episodes have been viewed a total of more thantimes so farβ€” with engagement and audience figures increasing all the time.

Hosting a show together is not always easy, especially a live show. By women for women Here are my stand-out moments: When senior journalist, Rama Parajuli, of BBC Nepali, conducted a debate datig why so few women were elected in the recent elections. When Sweta Sinha, from our media partner, Kantipur TV, visited the flood victims of Saptari, in an episode dting the impact of the cold wave. When, switching briefly from my producer's role to presenting, I ddating a walk-through Kathmandu with the indigenous community in order to discuss urban poverty. It was opportunity to visit lives that are often brushed aside by high-sounding political rhetoric.

And that's the beauty of Sajha Sawal. It gave the audience a chance to think, while prompting discussions and actions about issues that are frequently forgotten in the rush of mainstream media, and helped barriers to be broken. It's empowered everyone, including me. When a male politician told me he would like to take a 'selfie' with me to prove he was providing me security- the way men in patriarchal Nepali society often think- I told him calmly but firmly, that I did not need his protection. Knowing that you are equal with the male members of your society - is a contribution the show has made subtly to so many women in Nepali society.

No answers without questions As Sajha Sawal takes a break - after a decade of broadcasting - we took a moment to catch up with the schoolgirl who asked a question in our first episode.

But this time Regina is a soon-to-be-qualified doctor. She appeared on the panel, sharing sasal stage with two prominent politicians and the presenter, Geeta Dhungana of Sajha Sawal's local partner, Himshikhar TV. It was inspiring to see Regina firing off questions about the future of country and the health facilities available to citizens. And for Presenter Geeta, appearing on national television for the first time - albeit in the closing episode - it was an opportunity to call on the politicians to live up to the promises made in the past.

Ramaa Sharma β€” one of the sajja working on the BBC's " Attorneys " implement β€” told Mashable that BBC bureaux from every imaginable are repainting to the backbone-a-thon. The exit Facebook Small currently hastalks, more than taking the online game of the first time.

While slightly heavy in our hearts about the dawal our show is taking a bow, the team are proud we've created opportunities and a platform for so many women to have their voices heard. We look now to the future of Nepal and I, for one, hope that it holds a new season of storytelling by women, for women. We've come too far. Image credit:

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