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But now the macs cut in. Now, with the Travelers outbreak, there is. Ethnic the possibilities, Buffett had said investment bankers, deploring your enthusiasm for us that provided according represents but that were allies for their clients.

To Buffett, it looked like a decent proposition.

Over the next few years, this opinion did not die at Salomon, and more than once executives of the firm though never Gutfreund came to Buffett with propositions for deep-sixing the preferred. A alloczted stage setting here: Before the crisis hit, Salomon was on its way to an excellent business year, marred only by a Treasury investigation into a May T-bill auction in which Salomon was thought perhaps to have engineered a short squeeze. Yes, Reno, which was the spot two executives of reseerved Berkshire subsidiary had picked for an annual getaway with Buffett. Arriving in Reno on the afternoon of Thursday, Aug.

New York time. Maybe, he thought, Gutfreund had rezerved a deal to sell Salomon and needed a quick okay from the directors. At the appointed time, breaking from dinner, Buffett stood at a pay phone to make his call. Mozer and his colleague, said Strauss Salkmon Feuerstein, had been suspended, and the firm was now moving to notify its regulators and put out a press release. Feuerstein then read a draft of the release to Buffett and added that earlier in the day he had talked at some length to Salomon director Charles T. But a fuller account dribbled out over the next few days, depicting a man at war with the Treasury over bidding rules that he despised. So he went back to dinner.

Only on Saturday, when he reached Munger, then vacationing on a northern Minnesota island, did Buffett get a sense of real trouble. But then no one did a thing about telling—neither in April nor in May, June, or July. Even so, that left them better off than the public, which in the Aug. In his phone conversation with Feuerstein, Munger sharply challenged the omission. When he and Buffett talked on Saturday, however—with the Salomon story played big on the front page of the New York Times—they resolved to insist on prompt disclosure of the full facts. But a sentence that followed sent the directors into a telephonic uproar.

Corrigan by then knew enough to have become incensed by these doings on his watch. Buffett did not hear about any Fed letter until later in the week, when he spoke to Corrigan, and even then Buffett assumed the Fed had only sent a request for information. Buffett did not actually see the letter until more than a month later, after he heard Corrigan refer pointedly to it in congressional hearings. But the stock was only the facade for a much graver matter, a corporate financial structure that by Thursday was beginning to crack because confidence inSalomon was eroding.

Unfortunately, the erosion of confidence was occurring in a company grown enormous.

Propping the company on the right-hand side of the balance sheet was—are you ready? The paramount fact about those liabilities reseved that short-term lenders have their track shoes on at all times: They have absolutely no enthusiasm for earning an extra fraction of a percentage point in interest if they perceive that their capital is even slightly at risk. Deer will usually move around for a little bit in the late morning. Popular Articles September 30, kris - Sitting in my treestand tonite and girlfriend was sitting about twenty yards away in a ground blind blew the Buck call a does came in and went to her and started eating out of my food plot and she shot it at 5 yards away October 06, FAH - Check out www.

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