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Leo-Virgo Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

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Those born on the Cusp of Leo Virgo are natural leaders. Their administrative prowess helps ensure that their projects are successful.

This means that they are one of the most caring Zodiac sign combinations. However, the influence of Virgo, will make the Leo side of this combo more curious about others, including those from other cultures or countries. Simple, because the Leo-Virgo cusp natives are one of the most affectionate and thoughtful lovers out there. They will surprise and make their partners feel like the most special individuals in the whole world, nothing less. When they commit, these people take it as a personal vow, a chance at a new life that they must work hard to nourish. Once they trust someone, these natives will be loyal to the end.

The Leo-Virgo cusp people will know how to show their love and affection to those they love, without going in the opposite direction with coldness, indifference, or the other way with possessiveness and jealousy.

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They will prefer to show their feelings through actions rather than words, and this is how all their partners become deeply embroiled in their profound emotions. Those who are most in-synch with them belong to Fire signs and Earth signs. The former will learn to love and live for the energy and impetuousness of these lovers, how determined and dynamic they are. So why should these cusp babies be of interest, you may wonder? Well, most people would assume Leos and Virgos to be proverbial opposites; the sun and the moon, fire and earth. Leo-Virgos are the Perfect Balance Between Unforgivably Bold and Cautiously Considerate While Leos are known for their ability to, quite literally, take no prisoners and assert command in almost any situation, the Virgo side of the equation helps to bring this fiery trait back down to earth.

Virgos are known to be cool, calm and collected. They are more likely to step back and keep an analytic eye on a situation, rather than push their way to the center of it, like a Leo. As such, the Leo-Virgo cusp makes for an interesting combination when properly understood. When it comes to business practice or relationships, this is a killer instinct to have. Overt emotionality is not something that the people of this cusp are known for, in part because it makes them uncomfortable to allow their fire element to take the wheel.

The tendency is to over-correct for these early experiences and heavily promote the influence of the earth element. The impact of the earth element is to provide constancy, controllability, and a single stream of life that the people around you can perceive. The fire element is never extinguished, however, and people of the Leo-Virgo cusp understand this all too well. This can lead them feel like they are always hiding a part of themselves from others — and they are. Overall, the influence of fire is feared, but if the Leo-Virgo cuspers can learn to control it and embrace it, great things are possible. Yes, you're very smart and observant, but it's your responsibility to be humble and tactful about it.

A virgo Dating cusp woman leo

Try not to go Dtaing correcting others and showing off your big brain, otherwise you might lose the respect you've worked so hard for! You have the potential to take the world by storm. You can see big-picture goals and then boil them down to small details, seeing exactly which steps you need to take to reach the finish line.

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