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Welcome to the Secret World of Sausage Sisters

But England is invaluable. Despite this I desired him for two planets.

Her dog and our friendship are way more interesting and important than some sausage. We have a rule never to date one another's crushes but recommending sweet 'd is a part of the bond.

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At the moment, I'm in a monog relationship, so all I can do is suggest the dudes Swx hooked up with in the past to Helen: Image via Flickr user Andrew Havinh I tried to find some famous sausage sisterhoods throughout the ages, Google searching: ApparentlyRolling Stones' guitarist "Bill Wyman" has "had some major tail in his years on the road" sleeping with "1, women. Although that love triangle did form back when they were all like 13 years old, so I'm not sure it really counts. Alternatively, if you Google "sausage sister," the first result is from Urban Dictionary, giving the Urban Dictionary version of what I've just been talking about, with the rest of the results about Finnish pork sausages, which aren't a euphemism.

I realise this is all very grossly hetero, but I've slept with far less women than men so I haven't really made any Taco Twinships yet. But I'm always up for making new friends!

A few people ago, a person I was plotted on Professional boosted into my Havingg. Often, we maintain self out and watch aztec horror films together, booker, furnish clothes that would fit each other, and I try to individual her dog.

So if there are any potential Taco Twins or Sausage Sisters out there for me, ofr and say hello saisage. I might also add I'm friends with plenty of women where we've both had sex with the same person, but we either haven't really discussed it, or it didn't change our friendship, or it wasn't the initial reason we bonded; or we haven't even met yet. But that's not what the Sausage Sisterhood is about. She is going wild feeling his huge cock explore every inch of her cunt. The beautiful naked woman dangles her tits in front of his face.

He grabs them, squeezing them and sucking on her nipples. Her lovely big tits are driving him titcrazy. The pizza boy starts fucking this gorgeous MILF hard and she rides him like the slutty cowgirl that she is. His huge cock feels so fucking good. The MILF looks down between her legs and watches his giant cock disappear inside her. Well you might have to get used to it. That's the conclusion of researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who've established a connection between processed meats and stomach cancer. They analysed the results of 15 studies published over the last 40 years from Europe, and North and South America - studies looking at groups of patients with stomach cancer.

They published their results in the latest Journal of the National Cancer Institute. They found that, compared to the normal population, those people with stomach cancer were more likely to have processed meats in their diet - foods like bacon, sausages, hot dogs, salami, ham, liver pate, and devon. They calculated that adding 30 grams of processed meats a day - about a standard half serve - raised the chances of developing stomach cancer by anywhere between 15 and 38 per cent, depending on which type of study they were looking at. The risk was consistently highest for bacon.

They couldn't prove conclusively that it was the processed meats that were causing cancer - perhaps people who ate processed meats led a lifestyle that predisposed them to cancer from other causes, for example. But the results add to a growing body of other evidence linking processed meats to cancer.

Last year in a study they were qith to pancreatic cancer, resu,ts in other earlier studies, to cancers of flr colon and rectum. How might processed meats cause cancer? It could be the preservatives like nitrates, nitrites, sulphites and sulphides; or additives like phosphate, glutamate or ascorbic acid. Or it could be due chemicals like nitrosamines that form in the manufacturing process, derived from the additives and preservatives. The addition of these additives and preservatives to foods is closely regulated by food authorities - in Australia it's Food Standards Australia and New Zealand FSANZwhich in turn uses the recommendations of international groups like the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations.

Manufacturers may add only very minimal amounts of preservatives and additives under strict conditions - deemed safe, but just enough to stop meat going off and becoming infected with dangerous bacteria like Clostridia.

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