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Aboard, what cjart was a similar between the two stocks, creating a new hub on the thousands against FGM. It is also announced that the principal, if not directed, may work a new-born upon request during child birth. Macedonia is no exception.

A number of scholars argue that Cnart amounts to torture. However, many are also quick to point out that the prerequisite of intention, as prescribed in the definition of torture, does not reflect the true mental state of froj of FGM or even parents that subject their children to FGM. It charh rather be considered as tanzani, inhumane or degrading treatment, the argument cchart. This position finds support in observations of the United Nations Human Rights Committee which, in a number of concluding observations, stated that FGM constitutes cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment, thereby signalling that the tqnzania violates the general prohibition against torture.

One such important consequence is that it places a legal duty on the state to ensure that the rights of women are protected against FGM. This includes the legal obligation to put in place legislative measures to prohibit FGM. These include the duty to put in place administrative and regulatory measures to prohibit the practice and to raise awareness about the negative effects of FGM on the rights of women. The objective of the resolution is to intensify global movements towards the eradication of FGM. The resolution seeks to promote awareness campaigns against FGM as one of the measures to prohibit the continued practice of FGM.

In order to facilitate the general consensus towards the abandonment of FGM, these campaigns must also be used as a means to compliment punitive measures against the practice. It has broadened the awareness about the harmful effects of the practice not only on the health of women, but also on their fundamental human rights and freedoms. FGM today is recognised as a practice that violates a number of international human rights laws. As a result, states that are parties to these international human rights instruments have a duty to fulfil, protect and promote the fundamental rights of women within their jurisdiction against the practice.

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It is against this background that the remaining part of the article seeks to analyse the legal measures that Tanzania has put in place against frmo human rights obligations to protect the rights of women against FGM. It is the domestic legal framework that plays an essential role in protecting the rights Pofn women against Fom. As the following discussion reveals, Tanzania has ttanzania in place different legal measures to protect the rights of women against FGM. The measures include the Constitution of the United Republic of Charr of and other legislation complimenting the constitutional provisions protecting the rights of women against the practice. The constitutional provisions need to be drafted in manner that promotes gender equality, and prohibits harmful traditional practices, such as FGM, which are detrimental to the health of women.

If the constitution does not specifically provide for these rights, then other general provisions can, of course, cchart interpreted to protect the rights of women against FGM. The right to equality, as provided for in the Constitution, ensures that every individual is treated equally in the social, political or economic drom of life. Of course, the general prohibition against discrimination alone is not enough to protect women against FGM. Porn chart from tanzania Constitution goes further by specifically providing for the prohibition charrt discrimination on the basis of sex. The recognition Porn chart from tanzania these two corollary rights by the Constitution contributes to the protection of women against FGM.

In article 14, the Tanzanian Constitution protects the right to life, a right that, under certain circumstances, is threatened by the continued practice of FGM. The state has to ensure that this right is upheld by providing legal mechanisms to prohibit practices such as FGM that undermine this fundamental human right. The Constitution of Tanzania protects the right of women to be free from cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. Even if it is regarded as the right to health, it does not help much in protecting women against FGM as it falls under the directive principles of state policy, 89 making it unenforceable against the state.

The Tanzanian Constitution also does not provide for the prohibition of harmful practices. As established earlier, FGM is a harmful practice that violates the fundamental rights of women. The only way that this right is given effect to is through the Child Act that explicitly puts a prohibition against harmful cultural practices that adversely affect the physical and mental well-being of the child. However, it has failed to include some key rights that could be used to protect women against FGM. States should complement these measures with other legislation to ensure that women are adequately protected against FGM.

That is the focus of the next section. In fact, efforts to eradicate the practice can be traced back to the colonial era when the British colonial government and Christian organisations worked together to prohibit the continued practice of FGM. The efforts to eradicate FGM gained impetus with the growing concern to put in place an adequate legal framework to curtail increasing violence against women. The alarming wave of violence against women in Tanzania raised valid concerns about the need to review the legal framework to protect the rights of women. For our purposes, it is important to note that the inquiry also contributed positively to the on-going campaigns to eradicate FGM as the latter, for the first time, received specific attention as one of the contributing factors to gender-based violence.

Previously, FGM was not legally regulated under the Tanzanian legal framework. Based on these findings, the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania proposed a way forward to improve the legal framework and recommended, among other things, new legislation. The new legislation, according to the Law Reform Commission, would criminalise FGM and ensure that victims are compensated and perpetrators are imprisoned for not less than 30 years. The use of punitive measures is an important aspect of law that is designed to prohibit the practice of FGM.

The manner in which legal measures and criminal sanctions can be utilised by states to prohibit FGM is not, however, limited to this particular approach. In states that follow a federal form of government, a decision has to be made whether legislation against FGM should be left to the national or sub-national government. In Nigeria, for example, the matter is left to the states. Two states have adopted laws to prohibit FGM. A state can also choose to enact specific legislation prohibiting the practice. It must be conceded from the outset that the use of punitive measures to prohibit or regulate a particular behaviour or practice has its limitations. This is especially true of FGM, a practice that is often culturally engrained.

As a result, states often are advised to complement legislative measures with other supporting measures such as educational awareness programmes that promote social change. These measures are important in order to achieve public consensus to abandon FGM.

Notwithstanding the limitations of legal measures to deal frkm the practice chat FGM, the amendment of the Penal Code in Tanzania represents a positive step towards ensuring that the legal framework protects the rights of women against the practice of FGM. Notwithstanding this, the effectiveness of the Penal Code in protecting the rights of women against FGM is questionable. As the discussion in the next section reveals, several loopholes in the provisions criminalising FGM have limited the amendment Pprn realising its objectives. To begin with, the law must provide for a clear definition of Cyart and clearly outline the different types of FGM that are prohibited.

Article 2 of the Proclamation to Abolish Female Circumcision provides not only for a definition of FGM, but also lists and, more importantly, outlines, in reasonable detail, the different types of FGM and reiterates that all types of FGM are prohibited. The Code does not also make reference to the different types of FGM that are prohibited. In fact, section A only makes reference to FGM in passing as one of the acts that, when performed to a person below the age of 18 years, constitutes the offence of cruelty to children. Furthermore, it potentially undermines the effectiveness of the objectives of the amendment of the Act in protecting the rights of women against FGM.

Consent, albeit indirectly, seems to be an issue. The assumption behind the legislation seems to be that a person below the age of 18 years cannot give valid consent. The effect of this is that women who are above the age of 18 years fall outside the ambit of section A of the Penal Code. The problem with the legislation, however, is that it seems to assume that anyone above the age of 18 years undergoes FGM voluntarily. This is, however, an assumption that is far from reality, especially for women who belong to communities where the practice is strongly supported. Many women are as vulnerable as children due to social pressure and may still be subjected to the practice without their valid consent.

Furthermore, the practice is strongly supported in rural areas where the level of education for most women is still very low. As mentioned earlier, most of them consent to FGM as a result of myths as well as social and economic pressure. That is why, for example, the law that prohibits FGM in Uganda targets not only those who are involved in the act, but also members of the broader community that support or encourage the practice.

It explicitly provides that [a] person who discriminates against or stigmatizes a female who has not charh female ranzania mutilation from engaging or participating in any economic, social, political or other activities in the community commits dhart offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment not exceeding five years. Furthermore, the failure of the Penal Code to outlaw FGM on a woman above the age of 18 has created a platform for the continuation of the practice. These women sell parts of their external genitals to miners who, in turn, use it for the purpose of witchcraft to enhance their chances of securing minerals. Some argue that an adult that willingly goes through FGM should not be criminally liable.

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