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How do I force the Global Address list for Exchange 2003 to update on users PC's?

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Is there a way to make it happen from the server?

The other option is to wait until the user does a restart - once outlook has restarted it will often download the Gap after about 5 20003 or it will wait 24hrs since it downloaded the last GAL. There is no way to force the update exchangs the client from the Exchange server. The switching from cached mode and back forces a refreshing of the OAB as it is remade. I add new users after a few days the GAL has not updated. Expand "Recipients". Other neat features include dynamic update for when you add new devices to your network. I also love the ability to export the diagrams to Microsoft Visio. Finally, Guy bets that if you test drive the Network Topology Mapper then you will find a device on your network that you had forgotten about, or someone else installed without you realizing!

This is important, for without an address nobody could send or receive emails.

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The killer reason to configure this setting is to adjust the way that email excchange display in the Exchange GAL. For example, small companies display email addresses as FirstName LastName, whereas large companies display prefer, Lastname, Firstname. It is small companies who are exapanding that need to change their Email Address Policy, this is how you can adjust the Exchange GAL settings. Click on the Address Lists tab.

Updating 2003 exchange not Gal

Click E-Mail Address Policies tab. Select the e-mail address policy that you want to edit. Upddating the Actions pane, click Edit. From the Conditions page, view or edit the following fields: Select the condition s Use this section to set one or more conditions for your e-mail address policy. If you do not want to set any conditions for the policy, do not select any of the check boxes.

On the E-Mail Addresses page, select exchagne e-mail address, and then click Edit. In my case, the whole problem was that somehow, the Alias field on the Exchange General tab was set to Blank. I typed the users logon name in 20033 Alias field, clicked Apply, waited a minute and everything was back to normal. James October 21, at Anonymous October 24, at 6: Another crummy EMC feature. Ivan February 7, at 6: This automatically updates AD. But still the users name does not change in the GAL. It appears in the All users correctly, as well as when Cached mode is turned off…. Everything looks right??? Reply Anonymous March 4, at 8: Jw if its fixed in there… Bharat Suneja March 4, at 8: Reply Skurt March 13, at 6: The users not showing up DID not have right mail addresses, but that is corrected as stated here.

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