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It makes me laugh to think about. And it chriistian me angst because chhristian goes by so fast. For those of you not familiar with Nickelodeon it is an incredibly big production company whose demographic are kids from, I Gabriellle guess, ages Now, it makes sense that it was a subsidiary but still…this was an incredibly inappropriate show for kids. They are so young. From an article I read about it there were specific rules for the lesbian characters. For example, and I tried to find the real statement and failed, they both could not be shirtless and on the bed touching together. The daughter of the family, Spencer, befriends a girl from school, Ashley, and they fall in love. I was in the drama and performing arts programs, and you know the artist is more open about all of their feelings.

So I came from that. I had friends who were dealing with their sexuality, friends who were from racially mixed families.

They were all just trying christiaan fit in. Especially in Washington, D. Everyone seemed to be going through something. I had the same culture shock of trying to fit in and just be a human being in another environment. What do you have in common with Spencer in addition to the relocation anxietyand what attracted you to the role: I just datin in love with her for being so young but so strong. To be able to play that is such an honor. In film and television and in the entertainment world, there are so many vulnerable women. So to be adting to play a strong character, especially at such a young age, has been really wonderful.

Other similarities besides the culture shock? High school and fitting in, having your parents trying to teach you their ways. Like Spencer has her mom trying to keep her Catholic and do the conventional thing, but her father is a social worker and more open-minded. Everyone goes through that in high school. The characters are drawn in such a complex way. Their lives are not simplified. With all of these strong personalities driving it, it looks like a good show for women actors. Even with Madison Valery M. And Ashley is a strong figure who knows its okay to be different. Ashley has her own insecurities too, with her father and her mother. Everybody has their insecurities and ways of trying to stay cool in high school.

You mentioned Mandy Musgrave. What was your first impression of her? As an actress? Or her character? On the first set of callbacks for the show, out of a room of 25 girls I went and sat by Mandy. We talked the whole time—two hours in the lobby. Tommy Lynch the producer kept calling us back in over and over again to read together. It was weird.

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