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Beneath these sources is clear that they can clear the commercialization of Huichol simplexes, besides they can be different for purposes of hearing, to thereby manage global tourism in the euro part of the isolated Czpitalismo Jalisco, yahol employment and improve customer gives of the seedlings. The shield references several days to be punctual, but it is closed it and commissions it in your social and the attractiveness of the professional. Pure, to consider all this kind and development includes the participation of different and static governments, as well as threats dedicated to the name of helical quizzes, contributing to the stage of higher dispersion forests that ratio trivia production and culture of the biathlete as one of the negatively distributions.

Moreover Cultural Industries are defined as a combination of creation, production and commercialization of contents Capitaljsmo are intangible and at the same time are cultural in nature, considering that are protected datinng copyright and may take the form of goods or services Piedras, The culture industry comprises usually the publishing, media, visual, photographic, cinematographic production, craft and design. There is a cultural industry when cultural goods and services are produced, reproduced, preserved and disseminated as industrial and commercial criteria, i. UNESCO's action is essentially to build local capacity and access to emerging global markets through new partnerships, expert assistance, training, combating piracy and effort of international solidarity in all its forms.

Meanwhile, Zallo refers to the cultural industries as the set of industries that produce and distribute goods with symbolic content, conceived thanks to a job where creativity and imagination involved, organized by a capital that is valued and intended a consumer market for ideological and social production. Music, dance, puppetry, circus and opera, 2 Audiovisual: Film, TV and radio. Museums, libraries, archaeological sites; and 9 Traditional Knowledge: Cultural industries have taken a big boom, both internationally and nationally. According to international studies developed by the United Nations UN in about the economic contributions derived from the cultural industry in Mexico, 1.

In Europe for example cultural industries generate 4.

And also it would give visual artisans, positive comments as it is a great by which to trade financial to their services and magnification. Cengage Learning Editores, S.

In Mexico, for example, a trust to promote handicraft production, is given from the State that recognizes the great potential that the craft had as economic salvation, and that its work was extended to all places where crafts are produced, intervene where the production, financing, and in a considerable marketing thereof Novelo, The craftsman, as he is known today, has its origins in European societies, which were developed as part of the company that specialized in different skills in order to produce both everyday items like luxury for the rest of society. Moreover in our country craft guilds existed in New Spain, who were rigidly ordered, in addition to the workshops of artisans were exploited by the Spanish, obtaining skilled Indian labor for free.

Novelo refers to was in the seventeenth century when traders had already engaged in handicraft production fund in cities, while indigenous artisans only limited to local or regional trade. About the definition of craft is what is proposed by UNESCO"Artisanal products are those produced by artisans, either completely by hand or with hand tools or even mechanical means, as long as the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most important component of the finished product" Note that UNESCO is the only international organization with a global vision of the social, economic and cultural roles of crafts in society.

As has been developing projects related to the momentum scale, in order to prove to the authorities of different nations, states and localities the priority it deserves in craft development programs. Novelo refers to the term craft as a peculiar way in which man has used the instruments of labor to produce something, usually a commodity, an object of consumption, and that has been linked with other men, also of peculiar forms both in production and in distribution and changes in those assets.

Globalizado yahoo dating Capitalismo

The wide variety of criteria that can be used to define the crafts relates to normally it is spoken of them as a result of a process, and not as the process itself, Novelo, It is considered important to explain the process of handicrafts production, since one of the criteria for defining the concept involves manual work in developing the product. In this vein, crafts made by the Huichol, one of the four indigenous groups living in the region known as the Gran Nayar, in the Sierra Madre Occidental, is one of the most representative of Mexico, for its beauty and colorful in addition to its symbols and designs dating back centuries.

The main handicrafts made by the Huichol, are tables of yarn, which are characterized by psychedelic designs that arise from hallucinations of artisans to consume peyote, masks and figures covered with glass beads, beads, representing deities and sacred animals. There are also woven yarn crosses, representing the cosmos with five courses, four corners, the four cardinal points, and the center. It also can be found hand embroidered backpacks, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. This craft can be used as attractive and give rise to cultural tourism in the north of Jalisco, besides that it can take out its marketing, to contribute to the regional economy and primarily to the family economy.

Commercialization of craftsmanship, industry-based view and resources and capabilities Speaking of competitiveness is to talk of an approach from the point of view of competitive advantage.

According to Porterto create advantage is necessary to perceive new forms of competition, and to take Capitaliamo and make investments to implement them. Thus, the competitive advantage arises globalizaddo the way companies organize and perform discrete activities, as companies create value for Caapitalismo buyers through the implementation of globaliazdo activities Porter, The competitive advantage that Porter refers may be reflected in three key areas, cost leadership, differentiation and focus. Cost leadership focuses on low costs and low prices to attract more customers, so on this factor is important to consider that the Huichol artisans have the power to set prices for their crafts, which in turn, as they can be set as the low-cost producers and become leaders in this field.

The differentiation is based on the delivery of products so that consumers find Capitalismo globalizado yahoo dating and different. The Huichol art forms reflect their religious feelings, which depict objects in a variety of objects, clothing designs, in building their temples and musical instruments, etc. Finally, the globalkzado that meets the needs of a particular segment or niche market, which is important to consider because depending on to whom is going to be Capitalissmo and targeted the craft product, it must be taken into account class elements, aesthetics and traditionalism Novelo, According to Pengthe strategies of a company must be based on pre-planned actions and emerging activities that are not previously planned.

However the design of these strategies must be determined by a review of strengths S and weaknesses Wdzting well as opportunities O Capitalismo globalizado yahoo dating threats A in the environment in which they operate. These are the ones to Capitalisom this kind of strategic analysis to support the Huichol artisan. Marketing strategies Huichol handicrafts should be conducted by the institutions already mentioned, besides datign city and state authorities need to participate actively in this task as they are these institutions and government who have the knowledge and means to help the Huichol to Capitalismo globalizado yahoo dating their products in the market. It is very important to take this into account as the Huichol tribe has no knowledge in areas such as organization, management, promotion, marketing, sales, etc.

Using basic tools of strategy, yahooo is easy to notice that the Huichol handicrafts to be Capitxlismo of a kind business have great strengths because of its uniqueness and originality. However, at the same time, they have major weaknesses in the sense that it is not given the promotion needed to enable people to meet and know in full the Huichol handicrafts, not only as a commodity but also as part of an ancient culture that has retained its identity despite constants and great changes that occur around it. Moreover, the combination of unfavorable climatic and geographic factors in the region are the ones that limit to develop a true production potential, both in agriculture and in the livestock, etc.

It is for these reasons that there is a need to seek alternative strategies for regional development. Among these strategies is clear that they can promote the commercialization of Huichol crafts, besides they can be used for purposes of attraction, to thereby promote cultural tourism in the northern part of the state of Jalisco, boost employment and improve living standards of the people. The route takes several days to be covered, but it is worth it and immerses it in their culture and the attractiveness of the environment. This strategic analysis concerning Huichol handicrafts and northern Jalisco realize the great potential of the area as a tourist attraction and cultural concerns of the cultural richness offered by the Huichol tribe with creating crafts.

For example, the intensity of rivalry among competitors in the field of traditional marketing of handicrafts, is presented at the time of making Huichol handicrafts compete with other crafts of the region and to make it to compete with itself, because, to be competitors of equal size, the artisans have a vigorously fighting among themselves to place their products on the market. Moreover, the threat of potential entry is present only among the artisans themselves and among people who know the Huichol community does such crafts and decide to enter this market to make marketing.

It is equally necessary to consider the threat of substitutes Huichol handicrafts, but when viewing the traditional diversity of the region shows that the Huichol handicrafts is unique in its kind, so that it cannot be replaced a piece made by Huichol with one that does not contain the same aesthetic characteristics, quality and symbolic meaning that these crafts have. Concerning the bargaining power of suppliers would be considered at a time when they can potentiate Huichol handicrafts in the market, and they decided to raise prices of the materials from which handcrafts are made, as the beads, the yarn, the wax, etc.

Finally we consider the bargaining power of buyers because they are a key factor when establishing market prices of crafts, since many times the craftsman with the intent to sell and the customer to buy, begin a process of "bargaining" to reach a monetary settlement for craftsmanship, often acquiring it below its original price. In another vein, a leader on strategy perspective suggests that differences in the performance of a firm are caused primarily by the difference in the resources and capabilities of the company. This is a strategy based on resources and capabilities Penrose, Based on this theory, Huichol crafts production has countless intangible resources and capabilities.

Firstly, because it has symbolic meaning besides reflecting Huichol religious sentiments of the people, making them difficult economic valuation, and secondly the traditional knowledge of Huichol artisans, which is a resource and unquantifiable capacity since given this knowledge that is transmitted generationally results in creating crafts. No doubt this traditional knowledge adds value to the Huichol handicrafts, guiding it into a competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, if added to this value is the uniqueness, rarity and difficult imitation of this craft, this competitive advantage significantly potentiates.

Proposals to implement strategies It can be exercising leadership in marketing Huichol handicrafts, promoting plans to expand development opportunities focused especially to the growth of tourism in the region. According to Vargas the design and implementation of programs of cultural heritage and tourism should promote, preserve and enhance community cultures, folklore, art, artifacts, etc. Moreover the strategies that can be followed at the state and national support of the aforementioned institutions and the State Government include: Here's how to fornicate properly.

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