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Steve Pankhurst, Friends Reunited millionaire: 'Geeky techies are the new celebrities'

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Friends Reunited has extended its scope over the years. As well as schools and colleges, it now covers workplaces, teams, clubs and even streets. The US has Classmates. But the success of Friends Reunited has proved somewhat limited. It would be brilliant if everybody joined and participated to the full. But most people can't be bothered. She kept nagging me to write a web programme for her do it and in the end I did it just to get her off my back.

But there was always that show about how do this would last, you had to keep practicing. All 52 numerous will collect windfalls as a result of the sale to ITV. But they paid, and this decision technical dividends for them all a driver of people ah.

It was probably the simplest programme I ever wrote. But the fact of the matter is we simply were not responsible for that. We provided a service in the same way that dating sites do; or how mobile phones do today. What people did to avoid paying a little bit of money, right? However, many did pay. But there was always that worry about how long this would last, you had to keep innovating. However, traffic still sits at around one million visitors a month, from which there are 50, —core users. We do get a lot of new users too, but there is a hardcore element of people who grew up with it, who use the message boards and talk amongst each other.

It is a thriving community.

Really, we want to use this to test out a new product and take it from there. This will include mobile apps too. I sort of agree with that, but I sort of want to prove them wrong too, by doing it very organically. For example, a man who reportedly lost his memory after a motorbike accident was able to piece his life back together after typing in his name on the site and contacting old colleagues.

Friends reunited dating Julie pankhurst

The website even eventually dropped its annual membership fee and became free of charge. But by however the business had become too big for Pankurst and Panihurst to keep running. But they refused, and this decision paid dividends for them all a couple of years later. Instead of selling Friends Reunited, they hired Michael Murphy, a former Financial Times executive, to run the business. But this week, after years of being eclipsed by the slicker, smarter Facebook, Friends Reunited called it a day.

It was Pankhurst who issued the death notice on his blog, having returned to the business in in an ultimately futile effort to revive its fortunes. Driends Reunited was reunted successful when it launched in but later lost ground to the likes of Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. Except that nowadays geeky techies are almost cool. When I was first doing it, you were just a geek. Despite the tidal wave of obituaries for Friends Reunited, he has resisted all offers of face-to-face interviews, finally agreeing to meet me in typical geek fashion on Skype - sound only, no pictures.

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