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All of the parts to backdate came from our friends at EB Motorsport: If people want bespoke Porsche s built for them, think of another avenue you can take to make it unique.

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There are simply too many retro backdate projects floating around, and soon enough they will all lose the exclusivity that made them an inviting proposition in the first place. Therefore, everything other retro Backdatting simply traga in comparison to the extent that Backdatig has just become another fad within culture. The vision of proprietor, Paul Stephens and the Monaco-based customer had been expertly realised. Join the debate in the comments section below, or head to our Facebook and Twitter pages now. PS AutoArt were one of the early originators of retro backdating. Elsewhere the bodywork is tidy: There are good retro backdates, and there are retro bad-dates. Based on the SC Targa, which had been the only open-top for many years until the Cabriolet model was developed, SC Cabriolet shells had few changes over the rigid-glass sibling.

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Backdatiing However, for every car with the quality of Singer or PS AutoArt, there have been numerous imitators many of which are trying to emulate the style of these s Bacdkating reaching similar insane budgets. Creating faux pre-impact bumper cars has already been done and done well so I urge people to carve out a new niche. PS AutoArt one of the originators of this bespoke style and Singer arguably the masters of the art have been a huge driving factor behind this trend, expertly mixing classic visuals and driving experience, with modern usability and comfort, all wrapped up in a superbly tailored, unique package.

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