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Reasons why a fetus may remain in the breech position include: Anterior position The best position for the fetus to be in before childbirth is the anterior position. How to tell which position the baby is in The best way of finding out which position the fetus is in is by talking to a doctor or midwife. A doctor or midwife may describe a fetus that lies slightly to the left as left occiput anterior or LOA, and one that lies slightly to the right as right occiput anterior or ROA. The majority of fetuses get into this position before labor begins.

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This birrhs means the fetus's head is down in the pelvis, facing the woman's back. When the fetus is in the back-to-back or posterior position, the pregnancy bump may feel squishy. If a woman gave birth vaginally, one or both feet would come out first. The ideal position for a fetus just before labor is the anterior position.

Sex births for breech position Most effective girls

At the 35—36 week appointment, they will check to ensure that the fetus has bredch into an anterior or posterior position. The back of a fetus's body is heavier than the front, so a pregnant woman can encourage the fetus to roll into the ideal position by leaning in the direction they want them to move. Footling breech: This can lead to a slower and longer labor than the anterior position, and may also cause a backache.

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