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We had some qeqertasua workforce probe — apart from a rise fall downpour, which made for countries cons of the ice. Differently of them had scorched a game stipulated on the national and drive of individuals.

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It was one of the nerdiest games we have ever witnessed, but we were all in Swinger parties in qeqertasuaq that it would make for an excellent prime time TV show. While we had time to spare, we helped the hostel staff take delivery of a treadmill, went for jn walk and met a husky puppy, wrote a paties abstract, and went to peruse the local shops. We managed to get right up to the glacier and take sand and pebble samples from within the ice englacial sediment and underneath it subglacial sediment as well as from the meltwater streams that flow from the ice. It was much smaller than in previous years, but it was very new, with comfortable seats and a radio.

Warming up with some expedition ready meals outside the tent! It was sub-zero temperatures, but we still managed to stand outside the tent for long enough to see them before a very bright moon came up and they were less visible. It was quite a rough crossing, with lots of waves crashing against the window, so we were glad for a seat indoors. Fortunately, we had plenty of hot porridge and coffee to wake us up. After making our chilli — improvised with chorizo sausage and supplemented by some minke whale that had recently been caught in the town — we had a nice evening chatting to the other researchers in the lounge.

Parties in qeqertasuaq Swinger

We were glad to have gathered plenty of samples and the following day we made the six hour journey back to Arctic Station. Looking over the snout and foreland of Chamberlain Glacier. We quickly disembarked the boat, and made a customary stop at Pillersuisoq to pick up some cinnamon swirls, before making the trip across town to Arctic Station.

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