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We are disappointed you have chosen to add this resolution to the agenda. It should have been immediately dismissed ga legally dubious, selfish, irresponsible, and inhumane. Discrimination, for any reason, is bad for business, bad for communities, and bad for human hay those meetig Trumbo and his ilk so callously disregard as second-class citizens. We strongly urge you citied abandon citiws attempt to privilege religion by elevating the rights of religious people above the rights of others to not be gzy against in public accommodations. With few exceptions, the courts at every level have found that anti-discrimination laws have no bearing on individual religious beliefs.

Though such resolutions are primarily symbolic and do not carry the weight of law, should you choose to adopt it, know that if any business owner in the City of Kennewick attempts to unlawfully discriminate based on their personal religious beliefs, legal action will be swift and the financial repercussions will be on your heads. Just prior to publishing this post, two councilmembers responded to Ms. Hello Ms. Goulet, Thank you for your email. Last night was our Workshop where we were able to discuss Mr. In the Tri City Herald article this morning, you can read where most Councilmen stand. I made the suggestion that Mr. Trumbo and his group go out and petition signatures for their cause, but it was not accepted.

Please feel free to come to our Council meeting when this issue will be formally voted on to approve or deny the resolution. If you would like, I can let you know when that will take place so you have advanced notice. Thank you again for your input.

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plaves Thank you for the quick response. I did read in the paper that you were one of the councilmembers that was not in favor of the resolution, and for that I thank you. My message was sent to all of the councilmembers so that those of you who oppose it know that there are a great many people who appreciate and support your no vote. Trumbo is shamefully wrong when he states that all 78, residents are with him on this.

I will be citiws to let the members of the Tri-City Freethinkers and others know your position. I would very much appreciate knowing when the formal vote will be held. Will it not be at the next meeting on Tuesday, Meetin 18th? Again, thank you for voting against city-sanctioned discrimination. Note placse informal greeting used… Dear Jenn, I olaces your taking the time to respond to me regarding the proposed Freedom of Place resolution pending before the Kennewick City Council. I want you to know this is not about discrimination.

It is about ensuring that all people in our state be allowed to choose what they are willing to participate in according to their consciences. I agree with you that a business owner does not have the right to discriminate by refusing to provide goods or services that would otherwise be available to the public at their place of business or as part of the normal course of doing business. But if I were asked to participate in an event such as a wedding where it would be against my beliefs or personal ethics, I would have to refuse — even as a paid participant. I stand against any law that forces me to join an activity which is against my conscience.

For example, it might be offensive to some people of Native American Heritage to join in an event that they believe is offensive to their long-held traditions or desecrates their traditional sacred sites.

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