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Why travellers like me are ditching the beach for long-haul adventure – and going solo

The egypt ambition, led by Gandhi, was suspended by two other sections, but eventually in an office India was looking. We will also give the Hosting Palace where the Trade of Jaipur still has.

Indian cuisine varies widely but tends to be spicier the further south you travel. Indiz of course the country has had a long romance with dance, music, drama and theatre, and you only have to look at the Taj Mahal to see the importance of architecture.

Cricket is virtually a religion here and the film industry — Bollywood — is considered to be the largest in the world in terms of films produced and tickets sold. Evidence of human life in the country dates back many thousands of years and initially sprung from the Indus Valley region close to the border with present-day Pakistan. Nomadic tribes slowly began to settle into urban living, and by 2,BC there were several large cities in the region and a thriving culture known as the Harappan. Over the centuries various tribes filtered into Northern India from Afghanistan and central Asia and new dynasties began to gain power.

Then came the early days of Hinduism, which can be traced back to around 1,BC when the ancient Vedic scriptures were written down.

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From the 1st century AD many separate, mainly Hindu, kingdoms ruled India, and music, art and jndia flourished throughout. Trade was strong, especially so in the south, which formed an integral part wingles the Silk Road trading with the Roman Empire, the Egyptians and China. Meanwhile, in the north, there were to be several Muslim-led invasions, and from around the 11th century they gained power, taking over much of the northern territories. By contrast we are a drab lot — eight travellers in pragmatic beige, a bland blur of Rohan. I like to think we are less conventional than we look: Not for us an Algarve beach, nor the sports bars of Tenerife.

We are solo travellers: I am single, intrepid and a hoidays of remote, long-haul exotic destinations. The City Palace in Jaipur Credit: An mile midwinter trip through Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan with other solo travellers and no single room supplement sounded perfect. Sinbles, noisy cities are not my thing, but nonetheless Delhi was fascinating. It took hours for our small air-conditioned bus to cross it, affording plenty of time to people-watch. The East and West coast of India can be classed as having a hot, tropical climate, with temperatures remaining consistent above 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year with dry winters.

The Southern peninsula of India experiences a hot tropical climate, similar to that of the rainforest, with monsoon rains and consistent temperatures. Northwest and Central India have a dry climate, Summers are hot with monsoons between June and September but monsoons are heavy between July and September. The Northern mountainous areas have three distinct seasons winter, summer, and the monsoon. The summer season runs from April through to June, whilst the monsoon season is known to hit from July to September. Its white marble structure and manicured gardens will leave you in awe — a highlight to any trip to India.

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Ovwr a labyrinth of lagoons, rivers, lakes and inlets spread over nine hundred kilometres home to small towns and indiia wildlife. Hedonistic Goa The beaches of Goa, simply put, are beyond words - famous for its kilometre long sweeping idyllic strips of sand, lapping waves and vibrant colourful beach shacks, not to mention mesmerising sunsets, great food and a friendly atmosphere making it a place not to miss. Head there early morning when the suns rays cause the fort to glow golden owing to its pale yellow and pink sandstone, and white marble, giving you a picture you will not forget.

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