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How to move MySQL data directory

Administrtaion was removed to call back to students like, http: The vote editor used to create the strategy may be transiting breaklines or other non invasive characters.

Following wihhout the commands: In case you wish to make any changes in these files, it is recommended to take a backup of it. The path of the MySQL services can be different according to the operating system. For Example: Mac OS: These log files will be created automatically once you restart the MySQL server. Following are the commands: In case you wish to make any changes in these files, it is recommended to take a backup of it. The path of the MySQL services can be different according to the operating system.

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For Example: Configuring Database Character Encoding To prevent configuratiin. with character encoding, for consistency, we recommend to use Unicode character encoding UTF-8 dithout all the entities of your system. See Configuring Database Character Encoding for more details. When specifying a character encoding as part of your mysql connection url zdministration Full details of Configurwtion. character support is available here: To set the collation to case sensitive when using utf8, use this administratjon It was owned by a random userid.

On Apache restart Starting httpd: Drush Problem: When trying to do a drush update -l example. If the domains module is install the include statement at the bottom of the settings. Drupal 5 Problem: HTTP request staus fails, or Cron run failed, or Unable to fetch any information about available new releases and updates. Correct Nameservers so they resolve the external IP addresses these scripts are calling. More details at http: Check configuration files for old VirtualHosts which declare a User or Group parameter.

For instance, if an Apache conf file had a rule for a domain which is no longer hosted on the server and the account and directory have since been deleted. Drupal 6 Problem: Unable to login, no database access Solution: While upgrading from Drupal 5 to 6, a copy of the live Drupal database was made and setup as a development.

It seems the php job may need to timeout. The Comment wasn't showing a preview linuz the "Preview Comment" button was pressed Solution: On Fedora and other distros the SELinux can be running. In Drupal, errors "Error sending e-mail". PHP's mail function works from the command line, but not via the webserver. SELinx is blocking httpd from sending mail.

Gzip Monogamous: Bug in case 5.

Without the -P option, only the current boolean value is affected; the boot-time default settings are not changed. If the -P option is given, all mansger values are written to the policy file on disk. Ubercart's Payment methods "pane" doesn't render Solution: Ajax was trying to call back to pages like, http: Fatal Problem: Occurred when a theme was renamed. The old theme name was still being set as the default in a settings. Removing it ultimately fixed the issue.

Went trying to use Drush just after it was installed. Drush attempted to download this automatically, but failed. To continue you will need to download the 1. Log out and log back in. This is due to the "Domains" module requiring "include '.

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