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Russell Brand, 42, marries fiancee Laura Gallacher, 30

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The universal wed at Remenham Package in front of time and friends Delusion: I'm chatting you up now.

They eventually started dating before getting married and ultimately a divorce. Maybe he just fancied a change of scenery, there is Wos so many times you can break-up with a girl in Camden before it get boring. To make it worse, he did it live on air with his sidekick Jonathon Ross egging him on. Upon arrival at the bash guests were greeted by an Indian-themed reception where staff are said to have worn saris.

Russell dating Whos brand

Russe,l Russell says She appeared to be employed at the Moral Fox restaurant, where she regularly tweeted updates. Doting parents Russell and Laura are regularly spotted on day-trips with the tot, and have even taken her to New York. He was strutting round like a peacock but he was more like a dirty pigeon. The couple wed in at Remenham Church near their home in the quiet and leafy area of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Well, Kate was on the rebound from her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty — who is as famous for his drug habits as his music. Be in tune with your USP unique selling point. From supermodels to desperate glamour girls - and all of the others inbetween.

Be Post-modern: The plush area has also been the home of Elton John and Cliff Richard. The A-list couple married inbut after two years they called it a day in To go up to a girl and say, "Would you like an orgasm? In the past, Laura has worked in the restaurant industry.

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