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Assets You Can Have and Still Qualify for Medicaid

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The applicant, who was medicaaid already in a nursing home, then used the other half of his or her resources to medicais for care while waiting out the ensuing penalty period. After the penalty period had expired, the individual could apply for Medicaid coverage. After the six-month Medicaid penalty period had elapsed, Mrs. Jones would have spent down her Liquidatinv assets and be able to qualify for Medicaid coverage. One of the main goals of the DRA was to eliminate this kind of planning. To determine whether it is still an available strategy in your state, you will have to consult with a local elder law attorney. Be very, very careful before making transfers. Here are seven of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

That means the spouse at home could keep that amount and not need to spend it down for the spouse in the nursing home to qualify for Medicaid. Now, an important thing to realize about the CSRA is that it is calculated on the value of non-exempt assets owned by the couple on the date of admission to a nursing or other medical facility. People sometimes go wrong by purchasing exempt assets before the date of admission in anticipation of applying for Medicaid. An example shows how this thinking inadvertently backfires: To avoid this mistake, defer buying any needed exempt assets until after date of admission to a qualifying facility.

These numbers are effective as of January 1, and are adjusted for inflation periodically. Many spouses have income below their allowed MMNA. This is where legal and financial strategies come in handy to help families meet as many of these needs as possible.

Strategy 1: But, if designed correctly, this legal tool can serve other purposes as well. Typically, we think of creating an asset protection trust when someone is planning to apply for Medicaid. As noted above, an applicant is only allowed to have a certain amount of money or property in their name. While assets can be transferred to family members or friends, there are often risks and disadvantages to doing so. In addition to the obvious issue of the trustworthiness of the individuals involved, there are risks that cannot be calculated.

For example, will any of the recipients incur a debt or liability that exposes the transferred assets to collection by a creditor?

Medicaid Liquidating assets before

Will any of the individuals get divorced or pass away before you? Also, low-basis assets e. This means sssets your mediccaid avoid capital gains tax on the increase Liqujdating value that the assetts assets accrued during your lifetime. When a trust is properly designed to provide asset protection, the assets transferred to it no longer belong to you. The requirements to get an undue hardship waiver have been set very high. Most states require that all legal options be fully pursued to recover the improperly transferred assets. The rules allow for curing a penalty by re-conveying assets. This can be helpful when trying to protect assets for a single individual because a portion of the assets can be returned to pay for care while a portion are retained by the gift recipient.

This does not work in all states because some states require ALL assets to be returned before they recalculate the penalty period. The ability to gift about half of the asset base away and pay through the penalty period with a Medicaid Qualified Annuity is a strategy that is rather helpful.

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The penalty period causes the patient to pay privately for a period of time. Under the DRA, the month period will not begin until 1 the person making the transfer has moved to a nursing home, 2 he has spent down to the asset limit for Medicaid eligibility, 3 has applied for Medicaid coverage, and 4 has been approved for coverage but for the transfer. In other words, the penalty period would not begin until the nursing home resident was out of funds, meaning there would be no money to pay the nursing home for however long the penalty period lasts. In states that have so-called "filial responsibility laws," nursing homes may seek reimbursement from the residents' children.

These rarely-enforced laws, which are on the books in 29 states, hold adult children responsible for financial support of indigent parents and, in some cases, medical and nursing home costs.

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