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Once you throw the rear uppercut, it will knock your opponent s head upwards allowing you to quickly throw a short lead hook. The frame is then secured to a series of vertical galvanised steel supports. The supports would be fixed into concrete gravity foundations that would rest on top of the capped landfill surface Figure 3. This installation method will ensure that the supports do not protrude through the landfill site capping. The gap between rows of panels would be approximately 6 - 7m to ensure panels are not shaded by each other.

Example concrete gravity footing prior to panel installation 2.

Appendix Djngannonfollowing the contours of the existing capped landfill, but respecting a minimum 5m buffer zone from any hedgerows or trees. Dwting 2. This is carried out by inverter units. The transformer converts the AC electricity to a higher voltage necessary for export to the local grid network. They measures approximately 6m length x 2. The housings would sit on a concrete base foundation. This means that there is less ancillary development required. Fencing 2. The Proposed Development will therefore not require any additional fencing measures to be installed. Security 2. The cameras are directed into the solar farm, and employ infrared technology so lighting is not required.

Landscaping 2. No mature trees or hedgerows would be removed. The existing grass vegetation on the landfill site would be consolidated by continuing natural regeneration and regular maintenance to ensure the panels retained clear aspect to sunlight. These items would be removed at the end of the construction period. HGVs would proceed to unload at the temporary construction area. Smaller vehicles would be used to transfer materials from the temporary construction area to where they were needed on the Site. No deliveries will be made outside of the hours of: The team would then assemble and fix the PV panels using clamps to create the assemblies of panels mentioned previously.

The strong buildings would be adjusted and the currency would be sure dismantled. Famously determine your interest at:.

The trenches would be aouth with sand to protect the cables coundil prevent theft. Counccil will not penetrate the landfill capping layer. Once commissioned, it would generate electricity for a period of up to 30 years. Occasional site visits would be made by individuals to check matters such as security councl to undertake any maintenance rating repair works required. Ordinarily, the site would be accessed by a van or small truck. The panels councol also require borrough cleaning to maintain optimal efficiency, this would be via 4x4 vehicle.

It is not possible to predict the frequency, but such instances are not likely to occur more than once a year. Should it de-commissioning take tenderw, the temporary construction area would be re-established, and the installation would be osuth off and disconnected from the electricity grid network. The ancillary buildings would Dungannon south tyrone borough council tenders dating removed and the structure would be carefully dismantled. The mountings, foundations, supports, PV modules and cables would be removed and loaded into containers to be taken away by HGVs. Materials would be reused or taken to an appropriate location for recycling or disposal.

In UK electricity generation from renewable sources was This represents an increase of 1. In summary, there is a clear need and expectation that renewables deployment must be delivered. Solar projects are predicted to play an important and key part of the overall generation mix of renewables technologies operated within the UK. Section 13 of this Act states that there is a duty for the Secretary of State to prepare proposals and policies for meeting carbon reduction targets. These obligations fall to Local Planning Authorities. This provides the framework for the provision of renewable energy deployment in the UK; it restates the Government's commitment to meeting our renewable energy targets.

There are also a large number of other National guidance documents relating to energy and renewable energy more specifically which support the Government's aim to significantly increase the amount of electricity generated in the UK from renewable sources. Strategic Objective RG5: The RDS states that consideration needs to be given to methods for reducing energy consumption and moving to more sustainable methods of energy production. Roadmap to a Brighter Future Ref: These policies are required to be taken into account in preparing development plans and are also material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals. The guiding principle is that development should be approved, having regard to the Area Plan and all other material considerations, unless that proposed development will cause demonstrable harm to interests of acknowledged importance.

The application will not fundamentally change the use of the brownfield capped landfill land and the associated construction works will be limited to simple trenching for cables and installation of the support frames for the panels.

Tenders Dungannon borough council dating tyrone south

Planning Policy Statement Renewable Energy 4. The policy objective of this statement is to enable the siting of renewable energy locations within the built and natural environment in order to achieve Northern Ireland's renewable energy targets and realise the benefits of renewable energy, whilst ensuring the environmental, landscape, heritage and visual amenity impacts arising from developments are adequately addressed. Renewable Energy Development states that: Development that generates energy from renewable resources will be permitted provided the proposal, and any associated buildings and infrastructure, will not result in an unacceptable adverse impact on: It also states that the wider environmental, economic and social benefits for renewable energy projects are material considerations that will be given significant weight in determining whether planning permission should be granted.

Air, water quality and residential amenity will Dungannon south tyrone borough council tenders dating be adversely affected during the operation of the solar array due to the fact the Proposed Development will not involve the use of hydro-carbons, chemicals, foul sewage or other effluents and will have no moving parts or machinery that will generate a significant amount of noise. Natural Heritage 4. Natural heritage is defined as 'the diversity of our habitats, species, landscapes and earth science features.

The Site is an area of capped landfill, adjacent to an area that is actively being filled by waste. It is considered unlikely to contain any ecological significant species. Planning Policy Statement 3: Access, Movement and Parking 4. Access to Public Roads, states that: Planning permission will only be granted for a development proposal involving direct access, or the intensification of the use of an existing access, onto a public road where: This access sufficient for all traffic associated with the project construction and operation. No new access roads will need to be constructed. Planning Policy Statement 6: Planning Archaeology and The Built Heritage 4. Development affecting the Setting of a Listed Building, states that; The Deportment will not normally permit development which would adversely affect the setting of a listed building.

Planning and Flood Risk 4. It's objective is to 'adopt a precautionary approach by ensuring that both the available scientific evidence and the scientific uncertainties which exist in relation to flood risk ore taken into account when determining planning application' and 'ensure that new development is not exposed to the direct threat of flooding and that it does not increase flood risk elsewhere. The works will include general building, plumbing and electrical response maintenance works together with other miscellaneous works to properties which are tenanted and will also include change of tenancy repairs and minor adaptation works.

No II. Yes tenders should be submitted for one or more lots II. The Teders Authority seeks to procure the works detailed in ll. The value and place of delivery of each of the lots is detailed in Annex B 1 to Duration in months: Response maintenance repairs as described at section ll. Response maintenance repairs required by the Contracting Authority to properties managed by its above District Offices. Response maintenance repairs required by the Contracting Authority to properties managed by its above District Office. The Contracting Authority may require guarantees or other security acceptable to the Contracting Authority from tenderers. See contract documentation. See contract documents.

Alternatively, the Contracting Authority may expect the lead operator to take total responsibility. Yes - As detailed in the Contract documents.

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