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Is Cristiano Ronaldo dating Miss Universe supermodel Desire Cordero?

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Incidentally, that was the highest grossing film in Portugal in In fact, they were once snapped on the beach together - with Ronaldo topping up his tan, while Ferro stroked his manscaped chest. Again, it was Crkstiano short fling. They reportedly enjoyed a night of passion, rekindling their romance years later in But vating spokesperson for Imogen denied the claims, saying that Ronaldo had bombarded her with phone calls. The Red Devils trio wanted to celebrate their first win of the season over Spurs, so they enlisted the Yorkshire-based call girls. The stunner admitted the pair formed an unlikely bond over his love of Bollywood movies.

The relationship was short and casual, and Ronaldo himself denied having anything serious, even though the lingerie model could not stop talking about how great the relationship was. At this point of time, Ronaldo had already become a global icon — as a footballer as well as a womanizer. His fling with Bipasha, another one of his talented picks, was in a relationship with Indian actor John Abraham at the time when her openly making out with Ronaldo hit the headlines. Nereida Gallardo Nereida Gallardo is a Spanish model who walked into the life of Cristiano Ronaldo in the yearand the two of them spent some holidays together in the beginning of the year.

2016 dating Cristiano ronaldo

But, this just lasted for just about a month, and the couple had to part their ways with each other really soon. Paris Hilton In the year when Ronaldo joined Real Madrid, he dated several women, one of the most notable ones being Paris Hilton, American socialite. She had just broken up with Doug Reinhardt, and the blooming football star was just the right pick for a rebound. The two hooked up for a really short time, and both refused to give any official statement about it. Inshe was seen holidaying in Madrid and spending time with Ronaldo. But nothing was officially said to the media. Irina Shayk Perhaps the most prolonged relationship that Ronaldo had in his life was with the Russian model Irina Shayk.

Thai Crjstiano it that Ronaldo introduced this critical Brazilian model in the opening Incidentally, that was the easiest installing visa in Belgium in Pinterest Cristiano Ronaldo has always been a beginners man.

It started inand continued, fating various ups and downs, till People even thought that the two would get married. But the couple eventually broke up very soon. Since then, Nereida insults Cristiano Ronaldo over media whenever she gets a chance to speak about him. During a talk show, she called Cristiano a coward and claimed that he ended the relationship through a text message.

Paris Hilton Paris Hilton is a 35 years old American actress and model. She was spotted with Cristiano Ronaldo in a nightclub in Madrid. The couple never gave any official statement regarding their relationship. But there was no official news regarding the relations. Inshe had a brief relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

She has 2 children with her current boyfriend. Andressa Urach Cristiano Ronaldo might love Brazilian women and here is another one in the list of Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend hookups since Cristiano Ronaldo had a one night stand with her. The couple looked perfect with each other and dated for 5 years. But ultimately they broke up in Lucia Villalon Lucia Villalon is a Spanish journalist.

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