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Join H. Founded by the famed Rebbetzin Esther Avvi, see for yourself why Hineni events are internationally known for their great environment, fun, and life-changing programs. Well, this group will solve that problem. Together with Rav Singlss Rosensweig, who is the Rav of the group, we will be providing all the information you need. Rav Yoni and myself will also be writing posts on Parshah, Halacha and current affairs. It contains updated information and details of what is going on for Olim in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-particularly shiurim, although not exclusively so. There is also interesting content on Parshah, Halacha and current affairs.

Maydale Click here for more information. Tel Aviv Resources: Beginning your Aliyah journey in our hub will inspire, connect and empower you to achieve your greatest potential as you begin life in Israel. Click here for more information. Tel Aviv resources, social network, jobs and events.

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White City Shabbat: Bringing the concept of gourmet dinner party dining to a wider community, the evenys also hosts its own private Shabbat meals for over young professional international attendees every month. Therefore, the ttel established a special municipal center for young people and dedicated a beautifully-preserved, four-floor building in the center of Tel Aviv for that purpose. At the center you can find: The social Hub is the heart of Mazeh 9 with the purpose of giving the young residents the platform to affect their society, community and city.

In other words, making the craziest dream come true! In Mazeh 9, social entrepreneurs receive necessary professional tools in order to implement their social initiatives.

A correlation for young adults. Hourly at Liga Gimel 5th registrant of the Minimum football league. On-the-spot argumentative machine tutorials will generally lead to trade.

TLV Internationals: Active as the largest email database of over 20, young professionals and opinion makers around Tel Aviv, TLV Internationals is also the go-to destination on Facebook for these substantive postings. The Tel Aviv Arts Council: Mission to bring the best of Tel Aviv art and culture to the world, both inside and outside of Israel. They celebrate the creative culture of Tel Aviv by providing a venue for young professional creatives and lovers of the arts to gather while attending lectures and demonstrations by world class artists, performers, and technologists. The common theme in their events is a playful exploration of the world around us and the search for something unique that expands our vistas and leaves one with a sense of wonder.

All private events are non-profit, but professionally produced to provide attendees with a comfortable environment to engage with the arts community, and take place in various venues throughout the city. The Tel Aviv International Salon: Think of it as a monthly off-the-record thought-provoking TED talk with global leaders.

The Salon provides a unique opportunity to learn, debate and discuss a wide range of challenging topics, including Israeli and global politics, economics, social, media, cultural and environmental issues with a diverse range of engaging international decision makers and the leading influencers on our society. See us on Facebook or online. The Tel Aviv International Synagogue: Israelis and Olim from over 30 countries, from across the religious and cultural spectrum, have made TAIS their spiritual home in Israel. Currently at Liga Gimel 5th division of the Israeli football league.

A competitive, fun loving team looking to recruit players of all shapes and sizes. No one is too small, too big, too thin, too fat or too anything to play rugby! The training session consists of fitness exercises, exercises that aim to develop various skills of tag rugby and playing time. Tag rugby is a non-contact form of rugby, which makes it much safer and available to all genders to play together. One of the core values of rugby is inclusiveness. This game is indeed for everyone; any age, gender, body shape, level of athleticism, etc. The sessions are instructed by licensed fitness coaches, Michal Taraboulos and Debi Mesri, who are also Team Israel national players.

They often organize cool events for the general public. Teach and coach baseball; run teams in 5 leagues from ages 6 to adults. They also have picnics once in a while, everyone is welcome!

Come down for a kick and join the fun! Hi-Tech and Entrepreneurs Photo credits: They have regular events to meet people and learn about programing. School of Shine hosts unique events and offers proven tools to help women infuse more positive habits into their daily lives. Events include walking groups, Coffee, Kegels and Conversation meetups, and more. A place to meet and create. It started as a mass protest in San Francisco inand spread from there.

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