Consolidating data and what-if analysis excel

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Introduction to What-If Analysis

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Consolidaitng After you have ensured that enough space is there in the destination worksheet, you have to follow the steps in order: Then is the step where analydis will need to the select the data from the worksheets you want. Move to the dialog box of the consolidation and click on the ADD button. You have to repeat this process for all the ranges you have selected for the integration process. Assign column headers in your new empty sheet, then copy in your first sheet of data. Add any additional columns from the other Excel sheet.

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Then select a cell from the common Consoljdating, such as a number in the case of a numbered list of records. Insert those values in the window boxes. For each scenario, you specify the cells that change and the values to use for that scenario. When you switch between scenarios, the result cell changes to reflect the different changing cell values. Changing cells 1.

Changing cells 2. Result cell If several people have specific information in separate workbooks that you want to use in scenarios, you can collect those workbooks and merge their scenarios. After you have created or gathered all the scenarios that you need, you can create a Scenario Summary Report that incorporates information from those scenarios. A scenario report displays all the scenario information in one table on a new worksheet. Scenario reports are not automatically recalculated. If you change the values of a scenario, those changes will not show up in an existing summary report.

Analysis and excel Consolidating data what-if

Instead, you must create a new summary report. Use Goal Seek to find out how to get a desired result If you know the result that you want from a formula, but you are not sure what input value the formula requires to get that result, you can use the Goal Seek feature. Click OK. Two-variable Data Tables A two-variable Data Table can be used if you want to see how different values of two variables in a formula will change the results of that formula. In other words, with a twovariable Data Table, you can determine how changing two inputs changes a single output. Example There is a loan of 50, You want to know how different combinations of interest rates and loan tenures will affect the monthly payment EMI.

Step 1: Name the cells containing the values, so that the formula will have names instead of cell references.

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