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Section 15 Requires the government to arrange for review of the operation and future of the Civil Partnership Act in England and Marroage to be carried out, and for a report on the outcome of the review to be produced and published. Sets out how English law is to be interpreted to ensure that same-sex marriages are treated in the same way as opposite-sex marriages.

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The Lord Chancellor would have to be satisfied that the Governing Body of the Church in Wales swx resolved that the law should be changed to allow for Couplrs marriage of same-sex couples according to the rites of 20133 Church in Wales. Inapproximately 30 per cent of opposite-sex couples who married had a religious marriage ceremony, compared with 0. Same-sex couples are not permitted to marry in any of the 17, churches of the Church of England and the Church in Wales, or in nearly 23, other places of worship, such as Roman Catholic churches, Islamic mosques, and Hindu temples. Permits secondary legislation to be made which allows for members of the armed forces serving overseas, and accompanying civilians, to marry in the presence of a chaplain or other authorised officer.

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Only places of worship are registered to perform same-sex marriage in England and Wales, meaning approximately Section 16 Requires the government to arrange for review of certain matters feality to occupational pension schemes to be carried out, and for a report on the outcome of the review to be produced and published before 1 July Fully in force since 3 June Section 11 and Schedules 3 and 4 Provides that, as a general rule, marriage has the same effect in relation to same sex couples as it has in relation to opposite sex couples under English law. Following the review, the government may make secondary legislation for the purpose of eliminating or reducing relevant differences in survivor benefits.

Section 21 Sets out the short title of the Act:

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