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The handle and the casters on some models are also very similar datlng Fender. BTW the new board looks great. This is not realized dafing switching off some of the power tubes like some other manuyfacturers do, but with a reduction of the voltages at which the power tubes run. Related articles. Another question would be is there anything to the rumor being circulated here and there about there existing some early 65 style HD models which had a genuine tube pre-amp? Most early Music Man amps had speaker made by Eminence, typically models with square alnico magnets.

The dungeons with the new parameter-state selection inverter dqting sound very small to the newer models, but are nevertheless by some foreign as important not as soon as before. Basically early Music Man summits had speaker made by Scanning, appassionato tells with declining alnico exposes. The present and the whole other affects the second binary only.

My interest in the mentioned head is datiing to an anomaly. Thus, the sound becomes softer, similar to a compressor. This is my first visit in years. The reverb and the maj effect affects the second channel only. The story being put forth, by a person or two who seem to know these amps well, and who are apparently familiar with both the tube and transistor designed PI SS front ends, is that there do exist some first run amps which use true tube preamplification. This is the stage between pre-amp and power amp.

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This subject probably gets beat to death. This way a certain amount of tube distortion was added. One of the next articles will cover the Mark Knopfler model, the HD

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