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Those are the homophobics, usually. I make them face themselves. I really make people face themselves. The homophobics can't hardly stand it.

Straight men - they either wanna be like me, beat me, or fuck me. It comes down in that order. Why do you gotta Hermaphroditeporn this and that? You know. Why'd you come out of the closet? No different now than it was then. Plus, like I was telling you, I wanna educate people and I can't do it in the closet. And then you have straight women, who are so turned on it pisses them off, because they don't know why. Later on however, a Roman copy was made of this statue.


This statue is clearly hellenistic because of its stunning realsim and lifelike activity. Although it may have Hermaphroditeporn better when it was Hermaphroditeorn created, one can still appreciate the amazing artistic aspects which give the piece beauty as well as meaning. This statue, as well as most other Hellenistic statues tell a story of an important event, myth, or perhaps a legend in the famous age of the Greeks. This work of art was created in the Hellenistic era, which expains the nature of this statue.

In this statue, and battle goes on between Satyr and a Hermaphrodite. Like most Hellenistic works of art, this piece expresses great emotion and determination. Clearly there is emotion in the faces of both people, especially the struggle and look of frustation in the face of Satyr. In addition, what can also be noted is that neither of the bodies are perfect beautiful bodies which were considered ideal by Greek standards.

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