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Cyclone Nargis -- Urdu for "daffodil"

Two usually after the necessity hit AFP working: The tropical system, which would become Nargis plenty from a low latency system in the Bay of India during the last year of Time.

Bangladesh[ edit ] Bangladeshwhich has had experience with cyclones in the past, was one of the first countries to supply aid to Myanmar in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. Two planes carrying aid, organised by the Bangladesh ArmyWyen sent to Myanmar on 8 May They carried stockpiles Whrn emergency ctclone and hundreds cycone aid workers with experience in coping with Wuen aftermath of datingg cyclone. The flight arrived in Yangon on 8 May. This was the first aid flight from a Western nation, preceded only by aid from Thailand. Yadav said, referring to general warnings of a growing storm. The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center Datingg also provided Myanmar and neighboring countries with a model forecast of the storm, with accurate predictions of its landfall and strength, seven days before the cyclone hit, said Bhichit Rattakul, the executive director.

The screen dump dump of the page shows that the last warning posted was on March Although the department said that a cyclone was forming in the Bay of Bengal and was heading towards Burma the information was not widely disseminated. IMD issued regular updates to the Myanmar government, said M. Cyclone Nargis was a Category three storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane strength, packing sustained winds of mph when it made landfall. In the former capital city of Yangon, sturdy buildings suffered damage where roofs are reported to have town off by Nargis' strong winds. The damage in Yangon suggests that the shanty towns outside the city have likely suffered severe damage. This infrared image of Cyclone Nargis was created on May 4 at 6: This AIRS image shows the temperature of the cloud tops or the surface of the Earth in cloud-free regions.

The lowest temperatures in purple are associated with high, cold cloud tops that make up the top of Nargis shown as the circular purple area on this satellite image located over Burma. The infrared signal of the AIRS instrument does not penetrate through clouds.

Where there are no clouds the AIRS instrument reads the infrared signal from the surface of the Earth, revealing warmer temperatures red. Cyclone Sidr was the last major storm to hit Asia. In NovemberSidr killed 3, people in Bangladesh. The storm is forecast to gain a little more intensity before the effects of land begin to weaken the storm, which is expected to make landfall within 36 hours. Threatened landmasses include: It is generating wave heights to 27 feet, and heavy thunderstorms and squally winds are expected over the Andaman Islands. Fishermen are advised not to venture out to sea. Despite the long season, the region, which includes the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, on average has just over 5 named storms per year with 2 becoming full tropical cyclones.

Last year there were two storms, both of which were notable. In June, Gonu, an extremely rare Category 5 cyclone in the Arabian Sea, became the strongest storm ever recorded in that part of the basin.

Ahppen weakening before landfall, it went on to kill 72 people in nargiss area as a result of flooding. In November, a slightly less powerful but far more deadly storm struck the southern coast of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal. The region, which is known for it's high death tolls, suffered over fatalities. As a result, Cyclone Nargis is being closely watched. Click image to enlarge. Nargis formed into a tropical cyclone on the 27th of April in the central Bay of Bengal about miles off of the southeast coast of India.

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As projected, it took a sharp turn eastward, but didn't follow the typical cyclone happeen in that area leading to Bangladesh or Myanmar's mountainous northwest. Instead, it swept into the low-lying Irrawaddy delta in central Myanmar. The result was the worst disaster ever in the impoverished country. It was like Katrina going into New Orleans.

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haappen AP, May 7 and 8, ] It was the first time such an happeb storm hit the delta, said Jeff Masters, co-founder and director of happen at the San Francisco-based Weather Underground. He called datinv ''one of those once-in-everyyears kind of things. With good outflow and low wind shear, yappen system slowly organized as its circulation consolidated. With a ridge to its north, the system tracked slowly north-northwestward as banding features improved. Datting UTC, 5: That day the JTWC upgraded the storm to cyclone status, the equivalent of a minimal hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale.

Around the same time, the IMD upgraded Nargis to a severe cyclonic storm. The cyclone developed a concentric eye feature, which is an eyewall outside the inner dominant eyewall, with warm waters aiding in further intensification. Initially, the cyclone was forecast to strike Bangladesh or southeastern India. Subsequently, the cyclone became disorganized and weakened due to subsidence and drier air; as a result, deep convection near the center markedly decreased. At the same time, the storm began a motion to the northeast around the periphery of a ridge to its southeast. The circulation remained strong despite the diminishing convection, though satellite intensity estimates using the Dvorak technique indicated the cyclone could have weakened to tropical storm status.

Satellite image of Cyclone Nargis as a Category 2 storm. The storm moved inland, but remained along the coast of the Irrawaddy Delta, which prevented the rapid weakening traditionally exhibited by cyclones as they moved over land. It is estimated that at least 2. Structural damage throughout Myanmar was extensive, causing over a million to become homeless after the event. In the first few days following the cyclone, as many aspeople were living in camps throughout the Irrawaddy River Delta. Floodwaters penetrated an estimated km mi inland from the coast.

Farmland, livestock, and fisheries were all destroyed. In the southwestern town of Labutta, 80, people were killed.

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