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Some popular shows are now getting second seasons, and reality-TV programs, called variety shows, GGood a different structure entirely, but the general rules mostly still hold. Western commentary on K-dramas often highlights the lack of onscreen sexbut the plots are just as noteworthy for what they do have: What undergirds the best K-drama, and what makes it so attractive in our current climate, is the subconscious reassurance that although we might sometimes feel like meat suits stuck by gravity to a dying rock, meaning and belonging can still be found when people gather to eat, form a team, or become a family.

Immersing yourself in a thriving international fan culture and following television that demands the reading of subtitles and occasional trips to Wikipedia for context makes K-dramas high-effort, high-reward entertainment. Even the fluffiest rom-com requires work.

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The closure of DramaFever meant that content and licenses were taken with it to the grave, leaving subscription streaming sites Viki and Kocowa which shares a lot of content with Viki holding things down matchmaming the legal side while plenty of other, shadier sites provide quick, free streaming episodes with ENG SUB and a side of malware risk. So, how does a newbie get in on the joy of K-drama? Jin and swear off K-dramas forever, so the following ten shows have been selected for their ability to demonstrate the myriad pleasures of Korean TV. Strong Girl Bong-soon is an easy and delightful introduction to the pleasures of K-drama. Bong-soon tries to keep her powers secret and live as a normal young woman, but she relents upon encountering injustice.

She saves the day and comes to accept her powers, even creating a video game that celebrates her unique abilities. Number of Episodes: Viki or Netflix The Greatest Love If you miss the metaphor-driven dialogue of Pushing Daisies, enjoy meta takes on romantic reality TV like The Bachelor, and want to see two adults fall all the way in love with the help of fate. But The Greatest Love quickly makes it clear that neither deserves their current image, as it explores the phenomenon of celebrity alongside the often awkward, metaphor-laced romance between the mismatched pair. The Undateables posted by Debra. J on May 24, 1 comment A romantic comedy full of laugh out loud moments, The Undateables is a love story about two unlikely people and the love industry itself.

Five years later, the two meet again in Jeju as Jung Eum is tasked to bring in a wealthy client for the Matchmaking company she works at. She mistakes Hoon Nam for attempting to steal her client and gives him one hell of a time on the way back to Seoul when his only purpose was dramaz sign on the same person for a gallery exhibit. Wishing to never run into korwan again, Jung Eum admits her blunder and moves on with her life but fate has other plans in store. Kang Hoon Nam happens matchmajing be a love expert who works as a ghost Writer for a romance column, offering holy dating advice but rejects matchmxking idea of true love and wiith in a relationship.

Jung Eum on the other hand, wants to fall passionately in love in the hopes of getting hitched but her failed relationships and trauma have made her give up on the idea completely. The two agree to work together to set up Singles who are considered undateable, their philosophies and experiences with love in opposition with one another. My first comment has to be, did the Writer literally write the characters with both actors in mind considering their names? I mean, Jung Eum is her real name! The literal title itself translates to Handsome Guy and Jung Eum, which is pretty accurate and hilarious in itself.

Hoon Nam also means "handsome guy" so his parents were expecting great things when he was born and the Writer seems to have tailored it down to one specific actor entirely. Despite the irony and cleverness with titles and names, the drama itself is a treat or present wrapped in bright wrapping paper, with a bow on top! It has the right set-up of a Rom-Com and introduces our characters and the whole 'love' theme with ease, managing to give us hilarious moments throughout it's course. The premiere was solid, giving us a good idea of the personalities and makeup of all our characters, from our leads to our secondary ones as well The second lead syndrome is strong in this one folks.

I'm sure fans are already summoning all the powers of the sea to decide who to ship and what boats to sail. The pacing is fairly fast, since we discover so much about Jung Eum and even Hoon Nam through their jobs and interactions with coworkers, friends, and family. I'm still quite surprised that so much was given to the audience in a pilot episode but it's worth noting since the drama wants to delve right into the love scenarios and matchmaking. It's breezy in the sense that the content is light and uncomplicated, and essentially allows the drama to progress quickly and do its own thing.

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