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Matt Lauer is all smiles grabbing breakfast as it's rumored he's planning his TV comeback

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You're Welcome. Today's installment: Kathie Lee sleeps naked.

For Len Dirkhising, there were no background vigils attended by tons. She was made about a rich kind of finance, and tax exempt to display it on everyone around her.

She was talking about a specific kind of kiss, and felt compelled to demonstrate it on everyone around her. But Hoda has now launched a campaign against Kathie Lee, who's conveniently on vacation. Two clips after the jump. One was for Hoda to date Anderson Cooper. Awkward pause They believe he is homosexual, you see. This compilation is an intervention. Crooner Harry Connick Jr. Flanking him on two sides they made awkward sex sandwich jokes, prompting Kathie Lee to call the Egyptian Kotb "rye bread. Then Kathie made a joke about Connick's man business and somewhere Jeanie Linders cackled with delight and I had a flashback to my first year out of college, spent old lady wrangling.

Clip is above. He may still lose his license, though, for failing to submit to a blood-alcohol test after the crash. Now it's rumored they're back together. You want me to show you in the book? I'm a Chicago Democrat, you know.

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You seen some of those folks? They hate the Chinese, they hate immigrants, they hate unions. So, I don't know. Watts, who is black: That doesn't bother you? Gumbel isn't too pleased that Bryant has moved on to another woman and she has no intention of giving him a divorce. Reporter Leo Standora wrote: Bryant Gumbel's extramarital love life is getting lousy ratings from his estranged wife, who refuses to step aside and grant the CBS morning host a divorce. Friends say Gumbel, 51, seems to be in a "really serious" relationship with Hillary Quinlan, who quit her job as a financial researcher and left Chicago this year to be with him.

What's June Gumbel's take on the romance? As noted in previous CyberAlerts, the lack of media interest in this case stands in contrast to the media frenzy over the murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard, which was quickly labeled a hate crime and blamed on anti-gay rhetoric from conservatives. For two examples of this blame-shifting and a Washington Times article with an overview of the Dirkhising case, go to: So far they've refused to touch it at all. Tuesday night November 23 the case finally got some play with FNC's Bret Baier picking up on a possible media double standard.

How he was killed on September 26 and how police found him "lying naked on the floor of the bedroom, covered in feces. Baier moved to how the national media have avoided the gruesome crime: For Jesse Dirkhising, there were no candlelight vigils attended by thousands. No protests in the streets. No calls for legislation. There were no network television specials. In fact, outside of northwest Arkansas, there has been almost no news coverage of this case. Shepard's killing was motivated by discrimination against homosexuals.

Police say Dirkhising Hilaru killed by sexual predators who are homosexual. Some see a double standard when the alleged villains, not victims, are homosexual, providing a possible answer to the question of why Jesse Dirkhising's case hasn't made national headlines. I suspect so. When you've got an AP wire dispatch that talks about the story and doesn't even mention that they were gay. That's like doing an obituary on Walter Payton and not mentioning that he was a football player.

Is it because the gay lobby has gotten the news media Hilar darn intimidated that they wouldn't report this? I think that's pretty fair speculation. Dirkhising's family is trying to face life without their thirteen-year-old son. And Rogers, Arkansas, is facing the fact that life will never be the same in this small town.

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