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Hook up Surfing, Honolulu: Address, Phone Number, Hook up Surfing Reviews: 5/5

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Report response u inappropriateThank you. Trip Advisor Yelp See more: Since she uses every tool she can find to make herself better she is really good at giving surfers "homework" and suggesting things that will help them get better as quickly as possble. All of our instructors are certified by the State of Hawaii to teach surfing and are certified in CPR and Lifeguarding.

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Our team is comprised instructors, photographers who also assist with lessons and videographers. He also has taught people hp to teach surfing and has taught contest surfers as well as taken students into some very large and critical waves. Our land lessons last approximately minutes depending on class size and conditions and emphasizes correct technique, safety, and proper surf etiquette. He can also push people into 15 foot faces and hollow breaks that no instructor would dare help, which makes students push their limits in an extremely safe manner. Sometimes you will see him out their photographing or videoing a student and giving a student even more information on land after the lesson is over.

We teach longboarding, shortboarding and stand up paddling with an emphasis on safety, fun and genuine improvement srfing enjoying the ocean. In addition we have not taken anyone from your area in years. For those who have mastered standing, we move on to turning and walking depending on our student's goals. You will not get the same lesson over and over or remain stagnant in your progress.

Surfing Hook up

The Land Lesson At Hook-Up-Surfing we believe a good land lesson is an intricate part of a successful first time surfing experience, which in turn is a good basis for your future surfing adventures. We teach all ages and skill levels and will gladly help you to achieve and very often exceed your goals. Surf Coaching We offer coaching of all levels and types. Surf Lessons, Sup Learn to surf with one of the the most qualified group of instructors on Oahu. Ivan also is an excellent wave reader and passes this knowledge to his students.

Responded 4 April Thank you so much Skrfing for your review. Despite all the positive reviews here our experience was negative. However the name also implies that our customers feel like they got an excellent service and feel like they got hooked up, like when someone hooks you up with free gear or good food. Standing up on the board is the easiest part of the lesson.

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