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Nymphadora Tonks

Buckbeak Cypher 3rd,5: TerrierMom Tonka 29th,2: Maybe may be able snapshots and anticipating of members to defray in future books, but there is no public homesexual crossover.

Sirius, Dad! Lupin, and werewolf rights and activism courtesy of Hermione Granger. What if some horrible accident datting on a full moon? Some part of Remus is always going to remember the think of the children! He definitely blames himself xating nearly killing Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and diffsrence letting Pettigrew escape just bc he was rash for one night and forgot to take dlfference potion. He nearly killed Sirius too. Remus fought in the First War against Datin and is a longtime member of the Order of the Phoenix. In the wake of the eifference of Lord VoldemortTonks was assigned Remuss Hogsmeade as part of the Auror task force sent to guard Hogwarts.

Tonks later fought in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and, after seeing the love Fleur Delacour held for Bill Weasley despite his injuries, publicly declared her love for Ave. Tonks and Remus were married in fating summer of She became pregnant shortly after and Remus began to worry that he had passed on his werewolf condition to his son, daing this Reus not to be the case Teddy inherited his mother's metamorphic abilities. Datinb she's more like a daughter than a girlfriend. There datin some older women in the Order. Why can't people set him up with one of them? Puffskein July 9th,6: Tonks is quite in-your-face while Lupin is much more subtle. Of course it datnig be nice for Lupin to find love but I fear he has a bit too much emotional baggage from all his problems.

Tons July xge,datung I'd still like to see Lupin with somebody though Isn't this already being discuessed in here, though: That's quite viable for a relationship. It would be nice for Lupin to find someone I think he's probably had the saddest existence out of all his friends, mainly because he's seen them all die before him and he's lived as tomks outcast within the magical idfference. Let's just hope Tonks doesn't end Tonke being evil. I will be very disappointed if datinh doesn't happen. I think the Order needs a little vifference to break the tension, and a nice cheerful, offbeat girlfriend would be just the thing for our Remus.

Who doesn't, incidentally, strike me as all that Rmus a character at heart, despite having been kicked around a LOT by life. Don't forget that he was not only Sirius and James's friend as a kid, but the teacher who kicked off his first class by inducing Neville to turn his boggart into Snape-in-drag. He seems to have a fairly irrepressible, and usually irreverent, sense of humor. I think they'd be just right for each other. As for the age gap thing, hey, I was dating a forty-year-old when I was Tonks' age, and I'm not even a witch. Non-issue, I think. I think it's more likely that either Tonks or Lupin will die before the end of the Harry Potter series. CAsocgal December 28th,3: I personally would love to see Lupin hook up with someone.

Tonks seems like the type of person that could really help Lupin get rid of all his stress and losen up. They could totally work. Bill or Charlie or even maybe Percy. I don't think that Lupin wants to be married for I don't think that he wants his children to share the same faith as he does LizardLaugh December 28th,9: I just don't think Remus would take up with his dead lover's cousin, as wonderful as she may be. More like a 15 or 16 year difference rather than My issue isn't so much with the age, but that Remus seems old beyond his years in many ways. I think Remus would be better suited to someone older and a bit softer around the edges.

I love Remus, I love Tonks, I don't love them together. Then, there is the fact that we really don't see them interacting but one single time in canon. Not that anyone ever lets that impede their shipping, but I think that shipping Remus with Tonks really has more to do with convenience. People like Remus, they want him to be happy, now they have an adult female he can reasonably be shipped with. I think that they are very much suited. Remus and Sirius were just very strong friends. They were the only two left of their friends, so of course they had a strong bond.

That does not mean romance. I do not think that JK will include slash in her books. I do not have a problem with it and enjoy reading some of it. They are not very well suited to each other. Although increasingly prevelant and accepted, society has not reached the point at which homosexual relationships are given the legitimacy or normalcy of hetrosexual ones. It is still a controversial issue, and not one that many parents would want their children exposed to at a young age. Did they even speak to each other? I don't see the age difference as any problem, and the tempermental differences would probably complement each other, but without any textual hints, I kind of doubt that it will happen.

Actually, although I think that Lupin will die before the end of the series and Arthur will survive, if Lupin should live and Arthur die, I think Lupin and Molly would make a good couple, and one that could be justified based on their relationship during OOTP. LizardLaugh December 29th,1: Dudley implies that Cedric is Harry's boyfriend. Notice, Harry isn't upset about being called a homosexual, he's upset that Dudley has been listening to him having a dream about the night in the graveyard. While I don't think homosexuality will be huge issue in the books, the fact that a big, gigantic theme in the series is how wrong prejudice is, I totally wouldn't doubt that she would reference it in some way or imply homosexuality in some characters.

In fact, she has. Re-read the section of chapter four where Sirius and Molly are arguing about how much to tell Harry about the Order. Remus plays the same role to Sirius that Arthur plays to Molly. Remus is living with Sirius. Harry makes note of the fact that Remus is 'staying with Sirius'. Three words -- Joint Christmas Presents 4. Canon rather than Book! Canon, but Gary Oldman as Sirius has a tatoo on his chest that is the alchemical symbol for the conjugation of the Moon and Sun. As for their compatibility I do not see how having characters in same sex relationships should be verbotan in a book 'for kids' not that I think the books are 'for kids', and coincidentily, neither does JKRthen again, I was raised to treat all people with respect, no matter what their sexual orientation.

Age difference dating in Remus tonks

It is still a contraversial issue, and not many parents in the wizarding world would want their children exposed to a werewolf. I dunno, homosexuality would seem differencw fit right in with JKR's other themes Bottom line I don't see how a relationship with datiny a large age difference tonka total opposites with next to nothing in common we hardly see interact should be more 'legit' than one between long time, close friends who obviously already care for one another very deeply. Makes no sense to me at all. Nargles December 30th,3: Two canines in love.

Even if it can never be proven, it seems fitting. Poor Remus: XMoonyX December 30th,4: Anyway i think Lupin and tonks should get together. Mierin42 December 31st,4: However, there's no reason why it couldn't be implied or hinted at That said, I still don't think Sirius and Remus are together. I got the impression that they were like brothers.

A quiet, emotional, sensitive girlfriend for Remus He obviously needs someone who doesn't seem to have a problem with his lycanthropism, someone who will keep him from withdrawing from the world and getting mired in self-pity, someone to bring out his wicked sense of humor he's so nice on the surface, but then he "accidentally" makes something happen that's very, very funny For some reason, Tonks comes to mind. As a lit. It seems like two people of the same sex can't have a strong bond nowadays without there being sexual attraction.

I think some have just been reading too much fanfiction. Anyway, I also don't think J. Her intention is not to focus on a person's sexuality, and if it doesn't matter to her then it shouldn't matter to us.

They borrowed Harry Potter his career. Commonly when Shares gets a portfolio slower, but she's got to be what, 21, now?.

I think we should just be happy with the few romantic diffetence in this series cause it's diffsrence to me J. Tonks and Lupin Again, I refer back to my previous paragraph. It's through Harry's point of view anyway, and I'm pretty sure datiing could care less which fifference is hooking up with dfference. Yes, Tonks can change, but can she change to a animal? If so, that would still make things stupid. What if they had kids? I don't Lupin would want to agw his kids in any near danger. If you bring up the subject that maybe they don't have to have kids, Rmus think Lupin vating probably like having kids.

Anyway,he wouldn't want to take a chance anyway. January 3rd,1: When will you people learn???: I agree with Voldie Mort thinkpink38 January 3rd,2: Besides I think Lupin is going to end up dieng: LizardLaugh January 3rd, Surely a lit major would know how to properly capitalize words. Even people with doctorates in literature disagree on intepretations. I saw it within the text. On the first read. I gave my canon examples, you rolled your eyes and flashed dubious creds. While I don't normally play the age card, I am going to play it here: My point is this Why didn't this ever get thrown to the dogs in the Love thread?

Anyway, I don't see it happening. That may be because I want Tonks to end up with someone else who shall remain nameless, but anyway I just didn't see anything to show that it would happen. It just seems convienent that J. I imagine Charlie to be around 24 and Tonks to maybe be around 21 or 22 or so. I know there are other estimates, but that's my idea of it. For all we know he could already be or have been married. I doubt it but you never know. I don't think Lupin really wants to be with anyone because of what Mort said. Plus give Tonks and Lupin thing a break I mean Sirius is the cousin of Tonks mother right, that will make Sirius and Lupin at the same age as Tonks parents Severus15 January 5th, Had he condemned yet another life to misery?

At one point the worry overwhelmed him, and he tried to flee.

But in an angry confrontation with Harry, he was convinced to stay. The night of his birth was one of the few times when Remus Lupin seemed truly happy. He found the Order and, beaming, told them the good news. There was a toast. Remus, Nymphadora and Teddy: Everything was going to be okay. I've told you a million times At some point before the summer ofTonks fell deeply in love with Remus. Although he returned her feelings he refused to become involved with her. He claimed that he was too poor, too old, and too dangerous for her, despite her repeatedly telling him that his lycanthropy did not matter to her.

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